Monday, June 29, 2009

SETLIST: Show 507 -IN THE FLOW FEST, Records (on Broadway), Sacramento,CA 6-27-09

This past weekend Instagon appeared as part of the 2nd annual IN THE FLOW festival in Sacramento. The festival is focused on exposure to the local Sacramento and northern California contemporary jazz innovators who grace our fair state. It was a great 3 day event with bands and poets performing in 5 different venues with all form of jazz being represented. Not to let the GARAGE JAZZ arm of the great beast called jazz be ignored.. INSTAGON appeared on Saturday afternoon at RECORDS (on Broadway). This year we appeared as a trio (last year it was as quartet). The show was sorta odd and hard to get started.. the venue was not really prepared for a live show.. but soon got it all dialed in.. and we we just happy to be in the air conditioning as it was 105+ outside in the Sacramento heat. As this show approached there was an issue with Instagon needing someone to play drums... and so we set off to the land called Craigs List. and returned with our new friend HORRIBLE JOHN.. who was just fun and wonderful to play with, not very horrible at all. Dan Quillan aka Art Lessing rounded out this trio.. he came armed with his guitar and a box of pedals and effects to make the ears drool. We played for about 35 minutes... it was really great.. thanks to everyone that came out to support it.

RECORDS (on Broadway)
Sacramento, CA


We Own This Corner,
Deamon's Tube,
Third Turtle from the Road*^,
Pink Panther**

* fresh jams
^ features elements of "The Little Turtle" and Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun"
** Henry Mancini song


LOB - lead bass
DAN QUILLAN - guitar


(photos by Yvette Lucas)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

SETLIST: Show 506 - Luna's Cafe, Sacramento,CA 6-12-09

Instagon show 506 happened at Luna's Cafe in Sacramento, CA on Friday, June 12, 2009. This show was a decent show, but really louder than usual due to the sheer force and power of the drummer, Brody Cole. The evening started quiet and moody with a great set from Between Ravens & Crows from Orange County..mostly percussion and tribal instruments..very ambient and soothing. Very trance like.. it was nice. The next set was from a band from Roseville called Optic Seance (formerly Cryptic Vibe). They opened thier set with Pink Floyd's "Breath", and also played 3 more Floyd covers in thier set. It was only their 2nd show as as trio (formerly were a quartet) and they did pretty well and brought a lot of friends. Instagon rounded out the evening. The group was Lob with Chad Williams on guitar, Brody Cole on drums (from Eye of the Architect), and Susan Hunt (from waning) on keyboards. "The Sickeness" was the highlight song of the set. We played for 65 minutes. here is the set list:

June 12, 2009
Luna's Cafe

Invokation >
Poodle* >
Invokation >
Speed of Light,
Set the Controls**,
Theme from Brainwashed Love,
Jazz for Satan,
Sunlight in My Eyes,
The Little TUrtle,
Thee Sickness
Simpsons Theme***

* poem by Lob
** variation on Pink Floyd riff
*** variation on TV show theme (by Danny Elfman)

also were
Between Ravens & Crows, & Optic Seance

Thursday, June 18, 2009

INSTAGON 505 - 6-7-09 @ The Greens, Sacramento - Noise Trio

instagon noise trio

Instagon 505 was the 3rd outing for the newest face ov the deamon, the "Noise Trio". ..a conceptual jazz/noise idea that has been fun so far. This outing featured Math Lewis from Noisepsalm (who is also responsible for getting this video posted) and Bobby Almon from Liver Cancer & DOG. This performance featured 2 parts.. a long one and a short one. The long one was titled (after the fact) " Accidental Hanging Man in the Shaolin Closet ", and the short one "To The Point". This is the 2nd time the Noise Trio has done "To The Point". .This performance was part of the 1st NOISE @ THE GREENS show at the Cafe @ the Greens in Sacramento (where Norcal Noisefest is scheduled to happen this year) this show was a benefit event for NF09. Also appearing that evening were XOME, AUDIOEMETIC, AL QAEDA, LIVER CANCER, DISAPPEARANCE OF PLANET DWARF PLUTO, & TERMINAL CURL..

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Comps.Part 4: HAZE VOL. 9 - burattino vs pinocchio - free download!

Haze. Vol.9 - burattino vs pinocchio was released in the 2nd week of May 2009.
Instagon was invited to particpate in this collection from the net-label "HAZE Records". They occasionally release compilations with a theme as the foundation and concept behind them. This one was with theme burattino vs pinocchio; the story of the living puppet that wants to be a boy...the dual personalities of animate and in-animate living as one.
The track that was chosen for this collection is song called "Gemini". This Instagon original song has so far only been played twice. This recording comes from show # 309, recorded 11-24-2002 at the Liquid Den in Huntington Beach,CA and features some vocal antics from John Lurie (Anglo Jackson, Gasface), as well as guitar work from Don Rawlin, David Chetkin on drums, and Billy Trujillo on keys.

This release is available for FREE.. you can download it (and other great releases from Haze Records) with art work too, from this link: