Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Set List - show 518 - NORCAL NOISEFEST XIII - The Greens Hotel, Sacramento, CA - Oct 17, 2009

Instagon #518
October 17, 2009
The Greens Hotel, Sacramento,Ca
Black October Samurai >
Spider With Sickness >
Return ov thee Samurai >
Illness >
Jazz for Satan

LOB (bass)
STEVE DAVIS (antelope specialist)
BLAKE EDWARDS (the minimalist)
MARK SODEN JR (trumpet w/ electronics)

This marked the 13th that the Norcal Noisefest has unleashed its decibels and mayhem upon the good city of Sacramento. Instagon is part of a very elite club that has played every Norcal Noisefest. This was our 13th appearance at NF.
We were scheduled to appear in the 3rd session of 5 for this years 3 day event and had very good company with Vertonen and Xome closing the night after our set. Already this session had seen amazing performances from Nux Vomica, Lords of Outland, Dog, CJ Borosque, & XDUGEF.. and this was only the 3rd session!! The Instagon set that was planned was to elaborate on the NOISE TRIO concept that we have been doing for most noise appearances this year, to expand to a Quintet. The original trio that was planned for this show was to be Lob on bass, Moe! Staiano on the Antelope Specialist sign.. and Floyd Diebel on the box of toys and microphone.. but both of them skipped out on the idea and so Steve Davis from +DOG+ was recruited for the Antelope Specialist sign (his 2nd time doing it! see show 496). Its always great to play with Steve.. he is an old friend .. DOG and Instagon have a long interactive history..so its fun. For the other position BLAKE EDWARDS from VERTONEN was asked to sit in for his first Instagon experience playing the toys from the box.. the minimalist.
To grow the band into a Qunitet.. we added a horn section!! Featuring RENT ROMUS from LORDS OF OUTLAND on Saxophone.. and MARK SODEN from PHOG MASHEEEN on Trumpet with electronic.. and thus the stage was set for Instagon 518.. the NOISE QUINTET!

the group started off at a trot and quickly grew into a full run..playing wicked cool free jazz coming from all directions.. noise spattered with beats and rythyms inner moving with horns and grooves.. it was delicious. Probably one of the the best executed conceptual ideas for Instagon that has happened in quite some time. The entire show was improv on the spot. .. Jazz for Satan was thrown in at the end of the set just for good measure and fun. Spider With Sickness was very dark and contained parts of both Spider and Thee Sickness..hence the title.. Other 2 titles were named post the performance and were dedicated to the angry neighbor who for some reason saw it his right to attack the Noisefest with a Samurai Sword. Its true! This is how the night ended.. with Xome blowing the lid off of the room, a man with a sword at the door, and the cops coming to our rescue. Another Norcal Noisefest becomes history.. thank you Sacramento.

all photos by Yvette Lucas

<a href="http://instagon.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-norcal-noisefest-2009">Intro by Instagon</a>

Monday, October 12, 2009

Setlist - Show 517 - Davis Jazz Festival, Village Bakery & Grill Stage, Davis,CA -Oct 10, 2009.

October 10, 2009

Village Bakery & Grill Stage, Davis, CA

Evil Jazz 23,
(theme from)Brainwashed Love,
So What**,
I Dream of Jea
Space Walk,
The Little Turtle,
2nd intro,
Jazz for Davis***,
Deamon's Tube,
The Virus >
The Sickness,
Sex Bomb#

* TV theme songs
** Miles Davis riff

*** Jazz for Satan with different lyric
# riff by Flipper

LOB - lead bass
DEX LOPAZ - keyboards
JAROBA - sax / baritone clarinet

At first upon arrival we were worried.. it did not look as though the venue was prepared for an electric band. The band before us, The David O'Keefe Trio, were mostly an acoustic ensemble. But we managed to squeeze our little quintet into the space they provided for us, and really had a pretty damn good time at the Davis Jazz Festival. The event was sponsored by the John Natsoulas Gallery and featured a number of different stage locations around the downtown Davis area.

We, somehow, became the last band playing on the schedule on any of the stages.. so we were happy to have a nice spot. It was a beautiful night in Davis.. the weather was perfect for an outdoor set. We played in this little courtyard in front of the Village Bakery & Grill. Our friend, Jaroba, had played earlier in the evening with his trio at the Bistro 33 stage, and we asked him to come over and sit in with us later, and he did..and it was a great time..
Jaroba is a fun player to have involved in the groove.. Also playing this evening was Mark Halverson on the drums.. this is his 3rd time playing with Instagon.. and he seems to get the grip on things really fast.. he will probably be playing a lot more upcoming shows.. so watch for him.

Chad E. Williams played his 40th appearance with Instagon on guitar.. and as usual people in the audience were asking for him to turn it up.. he just needs an a mp that goes to eleven.. that is all. Dex Lopaz played some really funky groove keyboards.. it was Dex's first show since the spring time.. it was swell to play with him again.

As a group we were really tight.. there were chaotic moments of course, but all and all it was a really great show.. filled with lots of structure and improvisation all at the same time.. fine ass garage jazz for the Davis Jazz Fest! "Brainwashed Love", "Echophobic", & "Deamon's Tube" were all really smokin' jams for this show.. and the twisted upstepped jazz version of "Thee Sickness" with the "Virus" in tro was just right to fit the night.. The long slow, mellow, shoe gazer/psychedelic rendition of "Sex Bomb" made for an awsome closer to a nearly 90 minute set.

all photos by Yvette Lucas
photo collage by Lob