Sunday, August 16, 2009

Setlist Show 511 - THE STAG, Woodland,Ca 8-8.09

Aug. 8, 2008
The Stag, Woodland, CA

The Speed of Light,
Rock Lobster,
(Theme from)Brainwashed Love,
Under the Wheels*,
Deamon's Tube,
Jazz for Satan>
Jazz for Satan,
Shut Down

* riff by The Damned, first time played

LOB (bass & vocals),
CHAD E. WILLIAMS (guitar),


(photo by Yvette Lucas)

Back again for what seems to be our annual summer appearance at THE STAG in Woodland, CA. Kenny & crew always are supportive and welcoming when we play there. When we first arrived we were planning to play last, but due to a mishap with sound equipment (that was fixed before the evening even got underway) we offered to play first, as we didnt really NEED a PA for our set.. and so it was on. The set started off rockin' and aggressive...a new friend in town freshly transplanted from the East Coast named Wayne Hamilton played with Instagon for his first time..and he seemed to have a good time. We rocked thru a garage jazz version of Rock Lobster, and then later in the set played "Under The Wheels" .. a song from the recent album by The Damned... this riff was fun and worked really well with the garage jazz flow that Instagon requires and will probably be seen more in future sets.
We were joined by friends from San Francisco, THE GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE, and 2 lovely ladies from FRANCE who pimped out the night with heavy electro rock called HUMAN TOYS. All of the bands were awesome, GBD even played thier cover of "Shoot Down the Sun" by Boxcar Satan (one of Lob's favorites). It was a great time had by all. Many people enjoyed the tasty fresh tacos served at the taqueria around the corner from the Stag. Friends that came out to hang with us that night included Latitude11, Bob Xome, and the lovely miss Yvette. We also made new friends with cool people from the GBD crew, and as always Kenny made the night flow without any hassles.

photos by Latitude11
except first live band photo by Yvette Lucas (as noted)

Monday, August 03, 2009

SETLIST: Show 510 - GODWAFFLENOISEPANCAKE, San Francisco,CA 8-1-2009

Once again back to San Francisco for a late morning adventure with Grux and his rubber O Waffles! The GWNP show in SF has been a true consistent venue in SF for years and years now, holding shows on weekends, at noon and serving pancakes..its a great idea.. other cities should try it! This past Janurary the location that had been hosting the GWNP for so long, ARTSF, closed its doors and so the noisepancakes were on the move. The new location is in a flat in SF.. a bottom floor flat of a 2 or 3 story building. The performance space was small and dark, and people that were watching were forced to stand in the kitchen area and hallway. The PA has no monitors, so the sound is facing away from the performers, which makes it sorta tough to hear what you are doing..but the venue is small and the sound bounces around enough to make it work. This outing was the 4th installment with Instagon's newest face The Noise Trio
This time the trio would be Lob on bass, with Dr. Oblivous as "The Minimalist", and Bob (xome) Scott as "The Antelope Specialist". We played 3rd of 5 acts. The set started nice and quiet and grew slowly with awesome dynamics. It was a short performance, lasting perhaps 15 minutes...but it was very fulfilling and fun.

Instagon Show #510
August 1, 2009
Golden Trapper Keeper Lodge, San Francisco,CA

Robots Farting in Josh Fernandez's Face>
To The Point

Instagon 510:
LOB - bass
BOB SCOTT - metal signage and effects pedals (THE ANTELOPE SPECIALIST)


photos by Yvette Lucas
top flyer by Grux
bottom flyer by Lob, art work from Yod

Saturday, August 01, 2009

SETLIST: Show 509 - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis,CA - July 30, 2009

We had a GREAT time a the Natsoulas Gallery this past week. It was a gorgeous night for live music outdoors! The weather was being kind, the venue was supportive of the music, and the people that came were there to listen...who could as for more?..well, a little light would be nice.The night started out just wonderful.. bright and beautiful with a slight breeze in the air. We invited our new friends VOLCANO SCHOOL to open up the show, and they TORE IT UP!. They rocked and made lots of new friends themselves..(John from Volcano School played recently with Instagon show 507). , although by the time we were playing it was quite dark and hard for anyone to see what we were doing or what we looked like. I had sorta expected this, so a brought a projector and tried to project some imagery over the Instagon show, but it didnt really work as well as i would have liked it to.
but that didnt stop us at all.. It was a well line up with Michael Otwell out in front on flute and saxophone, Chad E Williams on the guitar, and we were joined by our new friend from Fair Oaks,CA, Mark Halverson on the drums. Mark is someone that we had met on line recently and this was his first experience with Instagon live. He was really fun to play with and we expect to have more interaction with him in the near future. The set started into a pure jazz approach out of the invokation, and then attempted to pick up the bounce a little with Little Turtle and Deamons Tube.. but then returned back to the jazz scene with an attempt at Miles Davis's So What.. and then plunging into wicked garagejazz twist on Danny Elfman's Theme from The Simpons..which was the crowd pleaser of the night for sure.. we closed the set with a smooth adventure into Spider ...which was due to there being a spider in a sweet web on the railing of the rotunda we were playing in. Michael pointed it out, and so that's how the show was closed.
Instagon 509
July 30, 2009
John Natsoulas Gallery
Davis, CA

Evil Jazz 23,
The Little Turtle,
Deamon's Tube,
So What (Miles Davis riff)
Simpsons, (Danny Elfman riff, TV theme)

LOB - lead bass/vocals
MICHAEL OTWELL - flute/saxophone

also VOLCANO SCHOOL performed.

original flyer art by Lob
photos by Yvette Lucas