Monday, September 28, 2009

Setlist - Show 516 - Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco,CA - Sept.24, 2009

Instagon #516
Sept. 24, 2009
Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco,CA

Dueling Tables,
Evil Jazz 23,
Extra Luggage Fee,
Banana Man

LOB (bass),
DR. OBLIVIOUS (toys/microphone, the minimalist),
FREE FARGO (metal source, effects pedals/antelope specialist)

Since moving to Northern California Instagon has played annually at the Luggage Store Gallery for the OUTSOUND EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC SERIES hosted by Rent Romus of Edgetone Records. This was our 4th appearance as Instagon at this space. The space is a beautiful gallery near the corner of 6th St on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco (half a block from the Warfield). There is a wicked steep staircase hidden behind a door that is covered by stickers, but once up the stairs you find a very nice space with hard wood floors and high ceiling with great natural reverb. We got up the stairs and started setting up for the show.. .upon arrival only Dr. Oblivious was confirmed to play.. .about half way thru the set up time, Free Fargo arrived at the show and we informed the door and Free at the same time that he would be playing in the set. He was surprised and excited.. and we continued to set up.
Noise Trio : 1 part metal and pedals, 1 part mic and toys, 1 part bass
This was Dr. O's 2nd time playing the Minimalist for the Noise Trio.. . he was also very entertaining to watch we were told afterwords.. he brought some of his own toys this time too.. Free was on the metal "ANTELOPE SPECIALIST" sign, and was playing very minimal noise.. nothing too power filled or
outbursting.. which set the tone for a very flowing and fun set from Instagon Noise Trio.. with Lob on bass.
The set was short and fun.. only a few pieces were attempted due mostly to the natural reverb in the room making it really hard for Lob to hear the bass he was playing.. and also we played late due to the opening act playing long.. so it was time to go home.. there was a really interesting version of "Evil Jazz 23" that was included in this set.. and also this was the first Noise Trio set to not include "To The Point" (for those that care)

photos by Yvette Lucas

Monday, September 14, 2009

Setlist - Show 515 - Flux 53 Theater, Oakland,CA

Instagon #515
9 - 12 - 2009
Flux 53 Theater, Oakland, CA

Red Planet Landing>
The Flux*,
Orgone Collector,
Space Walk,
Evil Jazz 23,
Deamon's Tube

* new riff, first time played

LOB - bass
RENT ROMUS - sax and electronics
FREE FARGO - drums
[free stream/download  ]
This show was an art opening for our good friend CJ Borosque, and also a release party for the MUDWAGON CD compilation that was released on Edgetone Records a few months back. The venue was a really sweet little playhouse theater with a generous stage and nice seating for everyone. The rest of the acts that played that night were mostly jazz and avant garde sounds.. very mellow and loose.. Instagon did not come with that mindset ..we came to rock, and rock we did. The band was anchored by Free Fargo who was playing his 2nd Instagon show ever (the first one being May 2007) and who had not touched his drums in over 2 years. For someone who has not played in 2 years, he was awesome .
Also someone that had not played with Instagon in over a year was Rent Romus from Lords of Outland, he is always great to play with and also was responsible for putting this entire event together. It was a great time. The band was rounded out with Chad E. Williams playing guitar and Lob laying down the riffs. Out of the Invokation we teased "Red Planet Landing".. and then something different happened and I could not lay off the delay pedal.. and so something new was born that we called "The Flux" in honor of the room we played that night. Its a great tune and will probably start to appear in future garage jazz set lists. Over all we rocked really hard.. but also the regular tunes like Deamon's Tube, and Forward both were taken to very different places and not played in very regular way. So this set list appears to be filled with mostly alot of Instagon standards, but in fact they were not played very standard like at all..
Chad left early before we could take the group photo shot, so here is a shot of 3 of us from the end of the night .. from L: Bug spot where Chad should be, Free Fargo, Rent Romus, & Lob.
all photos by Yvette Lucas


Monday, September 07, 2009

Setlist - Show 514 - The Stag, Woodland,Ca 9-5-09


The Stag, Woodland,CA

Red Planet Landing>
My Little Red Planet,

The Little Turtle,

Speed of Light,
Deamon's Tube,
Jazz for Satan,
Set The Controls,
..and then the Conversation tunned to
Under the Wheels,
Sex Bomb

* song by Graves Brothers Deluxe, 1st time played

LOB (bass, vocals),
SUSAN HUNT (keyboards).
JOHN "polar bear" NICHTMAN

This show was ROCKIN' !! it was booked on a last minute request from Kenny at the Stag as he needed a show for this weekend and had no bands booked.. we took that challange and brought our good friends "(waning)" with us and it was really a swell time. After Waning played both Jim and Susan joined in the Deamon invokation of the night and we tore it up.. Susan is a really fun keyboardist and keeps getting better every time she plays with Instagon.
at the end of the night there was this silly drunk bald guy that kept yelling for us to play "SLAYER"! ..and so we busted out some psychotic speed metal for a moment to try to satisfy him.. but no luck.. he still wanted his Slayer..later he attempted to roust Lob into a fight but in the end pussed out and ran away like most bald drunk guys do when they have no friends to back them up

Also for this show we had a new drummer named Polar Bear, and he was really a great sport and seemed to have a good time. Even though we tried to kill him by playing a 90 minute set !!!! thanks to everyone.. it was a fun night of beer and rock n roll garage jazz.

photos by Yvette Lucas

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Setlist - Show 513 - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis,Ca 9-3-09

John Natsoulas Gallery
Davis, CA
2 sets!

set 1
Evil Jazz 23,
Orgone Collector,
Eyes Have Seen,

Set 2
Under The Wheels (tease),
Deamon's Tube,
(theme from)Brainwashed Love,
Rock Lobster,
Jazz for Satan,
Set the Controls >
My Little Red Planet,
Cosmic >
Shut Down (tease)

LOB (bass, vocals),
CHAD E. WILLIAMS (guitar),
JAROBA (sax)

This show rocked! and was a LOT of fun.. maybe the most fun show of the summer this year.. it was a beautiful night.. the breeze was up, the heat was down.. and we were outside in Davis,Ca. The first set was still during the daylight hours, and by the time the 2nd set was rolling it was getting dark. Last time we played this locaiton it was very dark, so this time we brough lights and it worked out just fine. It was great to play with Jaroba again. He had not played with the Deamon since the In The Flow festival in 2008. ..nearly a year ago. Mark Halverson was awesome, it was his 2nd time involved.. and Chad is now considered a veteran of Deamonology.

photos by Yvette Lucas

Setlist 512 - Noise Mixer set at Luna's Cafe 8-28-09

Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA

Tearing Tendons in thee Torture ov Reaching

(noise set, mixer configuration)

(mixer control, bass, metal objects),
(effects pedals w/ toy),
SUSAN HUNT (effects pedals w/toy)
BOB SCOTT (effects pedals),
RYAN TOMASELLO (synth w/effects)

Most of the noise shows that have been done during this year (2009) we have been using the "noise trio" configuration .. but this set was back to the old school MIXER, and it was really really fun. It may be the only mixer set that Instagon does this year. At the end of the set, everyone had a moment of showcase solo time, this was the first time that had been done as well. The show was done as part of the official NF09 season starter, at Luna's Cafe where we feel at home.

photos by Yvette Lucas