Monday, April 12, 2010

set list - session 532 - The Stag, Woodland, CA - 4-3-2010

Instagon 532
April 3, 2010
The Stag
, Woodland, CA
I am not gonna ramble on too hard about this session, as it was already nearly 2 weeks ago.. I have slacked on posting this blog.. and so I will be brief and to the point.  This was the 6 time we have played at the Stag in the past 4 years.. every time we play, it rules!  We have the best time and get the best thanks from those that are there to see the band play.  We love The Stag.  This show, we were co-billed with 2 punk rock bands....ANTI-SOCIAL, an old L.A. punk band that has relocated to San Jose, and 5 FINGERS OF DEATH a newer band from Santa Rosa.. when they played you could tell that one was from the new school and one was from the old school.. both bands were really great, but Anti-Social were tight and powerful, heavy and relentless...just the way it should be.

Instagon for this outing played the early spot,  and we recruited LEO THE BUTCHER from Cerebral Roil to play the drums, Leo has played the Stag with us previously, so he knew it would be a good time for sure.. also along for this ride was DEX LOPAZ from Chikading!.. playing some wicked Screamers-esqe keyboards..this was not Dex's first Stag show either...but for JOHN KEELING (Volcano School, Apo-Plex), this was his first time and he was prepared with some of the songs that i told him 
that we might be trying to groove on..and it was awesome.. John really brought the night together.
You see.. I had planned that night to explore in true garage jazz fashion a collection of semi standard riffs from the genre of PUNK ROCK... and so that is what happened.. there was so forethought into this show, but for the most part it was the same flying from the seat of our pants that you would come to expect from the deamon anyways.  Its a great set list.. i am trying to decide which song to post on the Facebook fan page..if you have a favorite of these you want to hear, cast your vote by commenting. 

April 3, 2010
THE STAG, Woodland, CA
sndchk: Thruster

Holiday in Cambodia,   (riff by Dead Kennedys, 1st time played)
Six Pack,               (riff by Black Flag, 1st time played)
Sex Bomb,             (riff by Flipper)
Neat Neat Neat,     (riff by The Damned, 1st time played)
Bloodstains,           (riff by Agent Orange, 1st time played)
Rock Lobster,          (riff by B-52's)
Under the Wheels>   (riff by The Damned)
Lust for Life tease>    (riff by Iggy Pop)
Thee Sickness,      
Goo Goo Muck*,          (song by The Cramps)
Shut Down                   (riff by The Germs) O

Instagon 532 was:
LOB - bass / vocals*
DEX LOPAZ - keyboards

all photos by Yvette Lucas
handbill design by Lob

Friday, April 02, 2010

set list - session 531 - Vega's Nightclub, Old Sacramento, CA - 3-27-2010 (w/ Greg Ginn)

Instagon 531
March 27, 2010
Vega's Nightclub
Old Sacramento, CA
This was our 2nd outing to Old Sacramento and Vega's Nightclub. Rick Vega is a great guy and he runs a cool bar, its easily the most laid back and fun bar in the Old Sac area, no attitude, just good times.  This was also one of those wonderful occasions I get to play with someone that recognizes what Instagon is all about, someone that GETS it and enjoys being involved and being a part of it, my friend Greg Ginn.
 The night started out with an amazing set of total psychedelic jams and tribal grooves from Sacramento locals SAN KAZAKGASCAR. I had not seen these guys in nearly 2 years, and they have totally gotten their identity down solid.  Somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Early Savage Republic is where you try to describe this band.. with a clarinet up in the front..they really bring you into their own zone
This year Greg arrived in Sacramento just within a week of the start of 40+ night tour across the country with his band The Taylor Texas Corrugators
This time out the Corrugators consisted of Greg Ginn playing once again with his Norcal discovery,  last years gold nugget guitarist GARY PIAZZA (from Redding,CA & the band The Incredible Sheep Shrinking Machine), and on the drums SEAN HUTCHINSON (from the band New Monsoon) together they are playing out as a trio and laying waste to all in their path.    The Corrugators played a set of really intense heavy improv that could possibly be compared to what it might have been like to see Jeff Beck play a night of shredding guitar.  Their first piece was a blazing journey of instrumental portions filled with ups and downs and final closing glory.. and it lasted over 30 minutes. .Gary Piazza is one of the wickedest guitarists on the west coast that you have never heard of .. and well you will be hearing from him, it's only a matter of time.  
I (Lob) got to play some harmonica with them towards the end of their set and it was loads of fun.  I could not hear myself very well, but I still had a great time. 
Instagon took the stage at around Midnight after a night of amazing jams from 2 great bands, and it emerged in a field of sonic proportions and rose like a jet engine screaming across the night from depths of sea level thru the cobblestone streets of the original grounds of the once proud capitol of the golden state.  Mark Rocha played the drums for this session and said it was his first public outing since the last time he played with January 2009 (show 489, 42 shows ago!) and he stepped up like it was riding a bike.  Chad E. Williams also stepped up and shredded some amazing guitar licks that night, while being countered from the other side of the stage by Dan Quillan on guitar and his own creations.  Dex Lopaz added some amazing tones and mood with his keyboards and Jaroba stepped up in front and totally stole the stage, even from Greg Ginn who joined us late in the set for the heavy wonderful roller coaster, "THEE SICKNESS" (which was Chad's request for the night btw)

March 27, 2010
Vega's Nightclub
Sacramento, CA

Invokation >
In the Key of Y,
Forward >
Evil Jazz 23 >
Forward >
Thee Sickness*
Deamon's Tube* >
Shut Down *        (riff by the Germs) o

INSTAGON 531 was:
LOB - bass
DAN QUILLAN - guitar
DEX LOPAZ - keyboards
MARK ROCHA - drums
JAROBA - saxophone
* GREG GINN - guitar

flyer design by Lob, original art by Sean Campeau
top band photos of Instagon  by Yvette Lucas, arranged as collage by Lob
band photos of San Kazakgascar & The Corrugators by Chad E. Williams
bottom band photos of Instagon by Katie LeMer