Friday, July 30, 2010

Set List - Session 542 - July 18, 2010 - The Hub Collective, Sacramento, CA

Instagon 542
July 18, 2010
The Hub Collective

This show was something organized by Lob with the Norcal Noisefest Org. in preperation/promotions for the Norcal Noisefest happening in October. This is was the pre fest summer happening.  Instagon appeared first in the line up, so thanks to those that came out early.. the plan was the MIXER SET !..  this time around the players included Stefano Zeroli from INK ON SUIT, Chad E. Willams, and Ryan Tomasello from BLOOD INTO WATER, who drove up from San Jose area to play!

The plan was simple.. to keep it moody and droney.. and so we did.. it was an excellent configuration of the MIXER SET.. and a great warm up for the BIG mixer set we have planned for NFXIV in October.

The rest of the evening was just splendid.. it featured the return to performance of klowd from Sacramento... it was his first time out in over 2 years... and it was great to see him play live again..  also Lucio Menagon, now a resident of NYC was in the room and did a shredding set of solo antics on the guitar .. SMITE! mixed some 80's dance beat into audio goulash ...Peter J Woods brought BIG speakers and leveled high volume violin noise that was squeaky terror...INSURGENT THEATER left us stunned after an hour long 2 person play regarding the rape and torture of the people by the corporate empire...and in the end MUCKY THE DUCKY came to tear it up, and did not let anyone down, we who stayed know what we got to experience.. thanks guys!

July 18, 2010
The Hub Collective, Sacramento, CA
(mixer set)

"The Sickness ov Losing Friends Over Stupid Stuff On Facebook"

Instagon 542 was:
LOB (mixer contols/bass),

all photos by Yvette Lucas

Friday, July 16, 2010

Set List - session 541 - July 5th, 2010 - On The Y, Sacramento, CA

July 5, 2010
Sacramento, CA
this thrash metal show was originally booked to happen at the 16th Cafe ...and so it was originally an all ages show....but after a last moment closure of the 16th Cafe..a new location was found.. but the show was now 21+.. thanks so much to Grant from On The Y for allowing us to have this random monday night metal happening.. the line up was really great if you are into that sorta metal.  Instagon opened this show.. and we were a trio of mayhem featuring Leo The Butcher on the skins and Jim Willig from (WANING) on the guitar.  we tore up nearly an hour of time and had many fine words said to us after we finished.. even were given an extra pitcher of beer for our enjoyment ..   Evangelists are a metal band from Seattle.. they are the ones that originally asked Instagon to play this show..and they were really great....also a duo called COMPETING played ..who are i think the same guys from The Wait but not the whole band.. who i guess couldnt make it.  Virulent Death closed out the show.. they were smokin'   .. it was a swell night of beer and metal.. no fireworks...just rock

July 5, 2010
On The Y, Sacramento, CA
The Sickness, 
Hand Of Doom**, (Black Sabbath riff)
Cambodian Holiday, (Dead Kennedy's riff)
Deamon's Tube, 
(For Whom The Bell Tolls Tease) (Metallica riff)
Jazz for Satan,
Shut Down> (Germs riff) O
Forward (reprise)>
Shut Down

** last time played 5-15-09 (39 shows)
also played "For Whom The Bell Tolls" as a sound check. 1st time played, no recording exists
Instagon 541 was:
LOB - lead bass
JIM WILLIG - guitar

someone named Randy took this picture.

Set list - session 540 - June 25, 2010 -Terminal, Oakland, CA

Instagon #540
June 25, 2010
Oakland, CA

this show marks that time of the year when Instagon begins to play NOSIE sets and gives some attention to that paradigm.. and this was the first show of that kind for 2010.. a great line up in a swell space with lots of history for great noise shows.  The plan was a 6 member Instagon MIXER set.. and that is just what happened.  It was one long flowing sound collage that was conducted by Lob via mixer.. and it was very nice and lo-fi driven.. droney and moody.. dark and playful..  that is the best description that can be given for this set   .. players included the one and only Dr. Oblivious, also Stefano Zeroli from INK ON SUIT,  returning offender Free Fargo.. and 2 of his band mates from the VERNIAN PROCESS.. Martin & Bryan.. it was a good time. 

June 25, 2010

" aboard thee early train to unknown locations "

performed by: