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archives: Top Players Choice: #9 for Keith "Krash" Adams - session 354

As was mentioned in a previous blog post, Instagon played an epic Sunday night residency at the Liquid Den in Huntington Beach,CA between 2002 & 2004.  One night, in December of 2002, a southern gentleman from Louisiana named Kieth Adams wandered into our Den..had a saxophone and said he wanted to jam, and so he was invited to play..and well, he just stuck around and came out nearly every week after that! We played a bunch of shows over the time of 2003 and when it was all said and done Keith had played 36 sessions with Instagon, giving him the #9 Top player spot.  Currently Keith is on the East coast.. he still plays sax occasionally, but spends most of his time training and running in marathons.  I got a hold of Keith recently and asked him what his most memorable show was.. and right away he started telling me about a night that Yod played.. and that we played a REALLY long version of Jazz for Satan and that it was really I started comparing dates that Yod & Keith played together and there were only a few, and then narrowed in on a session from 2003, that also included David Chetkin on drums, & Zak from The TAINT playing with us too.  I showed this data to Keith and he confirmed this was indeed the show he was thinking of.. and so .. now we present it to you for your enjoyment.
Instagon Top Player's Choice #9
for Keith Adams
session #354
August 17, 2003
Liquid Den, Huntington Beach,CA

This was a Sunday night at the Liquid Den.  We came to jam and drink beeeer.
Sometimes we would have a 2nd band play with us on a Sunday, this night was night that kinda night.  The session was made up of players who had all experienced Instagon previously, so there was no new blood for the deamon that night...but we all were there and ready to have a good time.. well all except Zak Olson..who arrived late and only played for the 2nd set.  The band consisted of DAVID CHETKIN (of the local band Frogdog) on drums, SEAN CAMPEAU on guitar, KEITH ADAMS on sax, LOB INSTAGON on bass & vocals, and later on ZAK OLSON on keyboards. The first set was pretty typical of sessions from this time period of Instagon...a couple of covers.. a couple of originals.. something new.."Ubertracker" was a song that we played during the summer of 2003 that only had 3 or 4 outings.. (this may be the final appearance) Also in this set there is a rare cover of The Who's "Boris The Spider", which only appears in the set every once in awhile (mainly if Chetkin is on drums), there was also a unique space/noise piece called "Area 51" that is exclusive to this set.  For the 2nd set we got Zak all dialed in and added to the stage.. and he started playing around with his key board and playing the opening notes, with the right effects, for Pink Floyd's "Echoes" .. and so we joined in and explored into that calling it "Echoes23"..this is the ONLY time Instagon has attempted to play Echoes. The set continued on with one of Keith's favorite jams, "Thee Little Turtle" ...then a "Rock Lobster" ..a nice relaxing version of "Spider"...and THEN it happened.. the epic "Jazz for Satan".. it clocks in at 21 minutes!..during this jam there was lots of switching of instruments and people.. Sean played bass.. Lob played guitar.. keyboards.. Zak played bass..Sean played keyboards.. Zak played drums.. David played keyboards..and so on.. only Keith played Sax for the entire jam.  The show closed in standard fashion with a jam on The Germs' "Shut Down".. but then came back for an encore with another noise/soundscape piece called "Liquid Dream" ..and then a cover of America's "Horse With No Name".  This is one of my (lob) favorite songs ever..and I had totally forgotten about this rendition of it until i started uploading this recordings.  This is the ONLY time Instagon has played this song by America. This session was recorded in the audience.. with a Mini Disc was transferred to CD at home, and then just this month the original CD recordings were re-mastered for this posting.  This is the entire show, it will require 2 discs if you are burning it.  Click on the link above to stream or download this classic Liquid Den session from Instagon.   THANKS KEITH!

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archives: Top Players Choice: #8 for Don Rawlin (RIP) - Red Devil Lounge, SF,CA 2006

Don Rawlin
1960 - 2010
 I first met Don Rawlin in 2002 when I started booking shows for Jim Cline & the LIQUID DEN bar in Huntington Beach,CA.  He was soon to be the sound man after our original sound man, George, passed away.   He was a smokin' guitar player that had played with the local HB band POSSUM DETH, and also (he told me) had spent some tweaker time with Kerry King from SLAYER, and such had learned some amazing licks.  We played over 35 shows together at the Liquid Den before he moved away to San Francisco at the end of 2003.   We did not see each other again until 2005 when Instagon had relocated to Northern California and we invited Don to play with us in was great to hook up with him again and play a few more shows.  Earlier this year, the news came that Don had passed away in 2010, another victim to Cancer.  We were pretty blown away and sad by this news.  Don was always a man with a big smile and warm energy. I am sure that there are those that were close to him that are missing him a lot.  I knew him pretty good, but we were not "close" or anything.. and I miss him.  Don played 38 sessions with Instagon, giving him the #8 Top Player position.  I chose the show listed below as it was my first memory that came to play when thinking about Don playing with Instagon.  It was the last show that he played with Instagon.  He invited his friend Mutt to be a part of the festivities too.. and we had a blast.   Chris Van Huffel of Sub-Arachnoid Space held down the beats for this show.. it was pretty silly, and fun. ..I wish we (Don & I) had gotten to play more shows before he moved away to Oregon...but it was not to be.
INSTAGON Top Players Choice #8
for Don Rawlin
Session #422
February 17, 2006
Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco,CA

Instagon applied and was accepted to play as part of a "Battle of the Bands" happening being promoted by a company called EMERGENZA Productions. The bands were coming from all over Northern California and the battles were happening in various locations.. the winner would see a show at the Warfield in SF, and get some sorta recording deal.  (or so they said) .. the first round for Instagon was to happen in SF at the Red Devil Lounge.  The Red Devil is a pretty nice venue, and so I was excited to play this show.  I invited a group of ringers, hot players that would bring a great band to the stage and clinch our WINNING! . The band included Chris VanHuffel from SUB-ARACHNOID SPACE on drums,  DON RAWLIN from the Oakland Raiderheads (official band of the Oakland Raiders) on guitar, and myself playing bass.   Don suggested that we include his friend Andrew "mutt" Masonetti..    Mutt's plan was to put on devil horn's ..paint his body red.. and dance around on stage playing Kazoo while Instagon jammed.  it was a good plan. i liked it.. and we went with it.     We arrived and it was already pretty crazy.. , but they had a backline for us.. no load in.. just guitars and drumsticks.. it was cool.  I explained to the MC what was about to happen.. and he was pretty confused. but took my word for it and introduced us.   The ritual Invokation was short (as we only had 20mins to play in this battle) and launched into Deamon's Tube..which was solid..but slow paced.. followed by a wild & crazy Jazz for Satan.  Mutt was totally into this tune for obvious reasons, and was chanting "Jazz for Satan" by the end of the jam.  Don was playing amazing smokin' shredding guitar riffs, it was hot! We closed the set with a fun and bouncy exploration into Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust".. a song we have been playing occasionally for years, and the place exploded..  goes to show just what the power of familiarity and recognition is all about!    There were probably 8 bands that fought it out that night.. we placed 3rd !! We were shocked and amazed...and we were accepted to move on to the next round!!    We found out later that the next round involved us coming to the Bay area 3 more times before the actual gig for some reason or another...and that was kinda pricey (gas prices were soaring at that time) and so we kindly declined to participate in the rest of the "battle"  ..but who knows..we coulda been a contender.. 
Click the link above to stream or download this show in its entirety, or listen to a song or 2. 

the recording is an AUDIENCE recording.. and the crowd was loud and active, placing the recording device someplace safe and strategic was very hard, So there IS a bit of crowd noise on this recording.. but it is the only recording we have.

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archives: Top Players Choice: #7 for Chris TM. - "PITTSBURGH!"

Chris TM. is one of the original 4 members of the "first" Instagon session.  He was the local contact person representing TOPY in the area of Orange County when I first moved to Huntington Beach.  We began our friendship, i think, in the mail.. me writing and introducing myself as an Active TOPY member that had just moved to OC from Las Vegas. Eventually we actually met in person...Our first encounter...i think...was a TOPY meeting that took place at the home of a friend..and then possibly at Vinyl Solution Records..but I remember the first time i went to Chris's apartment in Fullerton (where the first Instagon session happened).. it was this old 1970's apartment building..and the hallways were long and dim and it reminded me of scenes from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" film...and then this guy with dark black hair in a white shirt, like something Jim Morrison would wear, opened the door with this mysteriously mischievous grin.  Chris was a fun person...and was very much part of the early conceptual passion that was Instagon in the first few years..  Chris TM currently holds the #7 position for top players with Instagon..he has played 43 sessions.. Which is pretty impressive when you realize the last time he appeared with Instagon was in August 1997 (session #147). Chris was there when the deamon was brought forth.. he was part of the ritual that unleashed the beast...Chris and I are still very good friends, even though he lives on the East coast now and we never hardly see each other (except for facehook). He lives a happy family life with a beautiful wife and daughter. we all here on the west coast, that remember the Chris tm. who was.. ...the shadow that lingers behind that mischievous grin wearing a leather jacket and boots...and we still scratch our heads and try to figure it out.
   But the chaos and and mischievousness of the Chris Tm legend still continues as far as things involving Instagon is concerned...14 years may have passed..but that has not changed things much..  This show posted is actually Chris' 3rd choice.  The first 2 choices were BOTH not found in the archives and may not have been recorded at all (although that is unlikely)...none the less neither of the original shows he asked for are currently available for posting. ..we are still searching..but they are not in the "official" archive location at this time.  THOSE SHOWS are session #63, 11-25-94 Anomoulous Records,Whittier,CA - "T.V. DEATH",  and session #55, 10-22-94 Metropophobobobia, Phoenix, AZ. . (these shows are NOT available)   SO.. THIS show.. is TM's 3rd choice.. 

INSTAGON Top Players Choice #7
for Chris TM.
session #68
January 15, 1995
Concourse Bowl, Anaheim,CA
We somehow were booked to play a Sunday night "Rockin' Bowl" in Anaheim,CA.  I am not sure if Opus booked this gig, or if I did.  Also on the show were a band called BIG HIPPY PARTY, & our label mates from Insta-Noise Records, THE IRON ONS.  The photo above is an ACTUAL photo of the inside of Concourse Bowl.  The guy that we had booked this show with was the son of the owner of the place. He ran a weekly Sunday night gig that he booked local bands for, and he had no idea what he was getting when he booked Instagon.   Ken Tuntison, who later worked a lot with Instagon at Club Mesa, he was there with other bands and was involved with the sound system too i think.. and so this was HIS first exposure to Instagon!!  For this gig.. we planed to be very minimal..sort of a tribal sludgy dirge was planned.. it was going to be myself and Dan Young on percussion.. Opus23 & Myke Quest both on guitar.. Crow Mayhem on keyboards, and Chris TM on electronics and loops.  BUT..on the way to the gig.. we were in a van.. i think it was Dan's van...we were driving down Beach Blvd. on our way to the show.. and we saw Charles Ardinger walking down the street.. we pulled up and told him to "get in the van" ..and kidnapped him into this performance.  Upon arriving at the gig.. I proceeded to introduce myself to people sitting around the bowling alley.  The question of the day was "What is your favorite football team?"  I asked probably 3 or 4 people ..who refused to reply at all.. but finally one girl responded "Pittsburgh, that's a team...  right?"  and so this was to be our subject matter for the vocal.  I returned to Charles and told him his topic for the night was "Pittsburgh" ..that is ALL that he was told.  A few moments later we started.. and is what happened. About 15 minutes into the set.. the guy who had booked the show attempted to pull the plug and stop us.. as we were so noisy that it was chasing away customers..his Dad, who owned the place, thought it was a riot that we had duped his son into booking this "band" and forced him to deal with us and let us finish our set! was pretty funny.. eventually someone came forward with a tray of beers for us and Opus23 drop his guitar and rushed for the beer and the set was the 23 minutes or so we played we had nearly completely emptied this 80 lane bowling alley (that was full when we arrived) to only band members and a few die hards..  the other bands played to nearly no one (sorry).  Another side note is that there were a few young girls (like 13/14 yrs old) that were at this show by chance one of them was a girl named Aileen Holmes, and a few years later she would actually become involved and play in a few Instagon shows herself!    There IS video documentation of this performance, and perhaps if there is interest and a good way to share, this will be come available sometime in the future too..  but for is the audio!  Click the link above to stream and download this epic and legendary performance.  Thanks to TM for choosing this session.  PITTSBURGH!  -/\-