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Feb.2010 - 17 years of thee Deamon!, new releases, news and stuff..

So.. its February 2010.. and Instagon has now reached its 17th year as a continual project.. can you believe it?   17 YEARS!...its almost old enough to vote!.   Its amazing !  .. next month we will once again do a live web radio international broadcast collaboration with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA.. that will happen in the early part of the month.. and then the last weekend of the month we will host a show in Sacramento with our good friend GREG GINN and his Texas Corrugators.. should be good times for sure.
This month we released the 2nd installment in the FRESH CUTS series.. featuring new songs that have not previously been released on any other collections.  The track is called "We Own This Corner", performed by Instagon Session 489, featuring Jim Willig and Susan Hunt from (waning), and Mark Rocha from the band SWIMS. It was recorded in January 2009 at Java Lounge,Sacramento,CA.  Java Lounge (now called 16th Street Cafe) is located near the corner of 16th Street and Broadway in Sacramento. This is a very popular and busy corner, also on this corner, or near it are R5 Records, Records on Broadway, Tower Theater, Tower Cafe, and other places...we now play this song whenever we appear at any of these venues.. so far the song has been played 3 or 4 times since this appearance.  This track is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time thru the month end of this month, February 2010 from our page at, ( or via the link at the bottom of this blog.
also this month at the page we have also released a full length live recording of INSTAGON from the Fall fo 2009 recorded outdoors in Sacramento,CA.  GARAGE JAZZ AT HOUSE OV MU is a collection of songs taken from 3 sets of music played live by a trio (session 519) featuring Lob with Chad E. Williams & Mark Halverson.  This trio was SO HOT during this performance that it has gone on to become the current and solid line up of the GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS (another project that Lob & Chad E. WIlliams have dreamed up) This session rocks.. tracks that are stand out and worth every moment are "Cosmic" and "Deamon's Tube".. also a smokin' garage jazz cover of the main riff of the theme from The Simpsons, and the final epic track "Mu"  is outstanding improvisation.  This entire release, 12 tracks, over 60 minutes of music is currently available for FREE via our site or this direct link:

<a href="">Invokation &gt; Evil Jazz 23 by Instagon</a>
This release is also available now at all live Instagon AND Garage Jazz Architects performances for only $5.00.
As a special limited release in conjunction with Instagon's 17th Birthday this month, a VERY VERY LIMITED edition of 17 COPIES of "Garage Jazz at House ov Mu" have been created.
These limited versions are hand numbered with silver ink on the inside of the cover art.  They also include a very limited edition signed and numbed art print of a piece by Lob called "Buddah in Snow".  (show at right). This piece of art was released as a limited print in various sizes.  Only 23 of them were made, each numbered and signed on the back by Lob.  17 of these were for this limited edition of "House of Mu" by Instagon, and the other 6 have been dealt with in other ways.  Many of these have been given away as gifts to friends (after all it was for the Deamon's birthday!).. but a few are available for purchase or trade. If you are interested in this limited edition of the CD, with the art print, please visit the TIForg DistroBlog.

The project will continue with a new FRESH CUTS track posted sometime in March, and also a new full length from the archives coming in April.

Placenta Recordings in Michigan has supposedly released a compilation called "Placenta Family Recordingd Volume 2" that features a live outsider sound art recording from Instagon done at Luna's Cafe in 2009, but we have yet to see this one.

1019 Records out of Santa Cruz,CA has also supposedly released a 60 minute cassette featuring 2 shows recording at Java Lounge in Sacramento during 2007.  the release is called "Double '07" and is limited to 50 copies in a hand made paper package.  We have yet to see this one too.. when we do, we will post a new blog with images.

Paper Cuts Records out of Ventura County, CA will be releasing the first recordings to see the light from the 520 SESSION done at KDVS in Davis,CA last Fall.  It will be a 4 track, 30min CDep titled  "Echophobic".  It will be limited to 50 copies and it has some of the strongest recordings ever done by Instagon as a "band".

okay.. so that 's the news
oh.. sorry.. that link we promised.. it expired on Feb 28.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Set Lists - Sessions 527 & 528 - Double Dose Monday, - Feb. 8, 2010

 Instagon 527
February 8, 2010

Luna's Cafe 
Sacramento, CA
Instagon Double Dose Monday!!
This was the first time that Instagon had been booked to play 2 shows in one day since 2005.  Originally we booked this show to be our birthday show at Luna's Cafe for the Nebraska Monday weekly series, but then we got the opportunity for a 2nd show at the Press Club.  We had not played the Press Club before, so we really could not turn it down... and the show was with UBERKUNST making their triumphant return to the performing stage, and a great out of town band.. but first lets recap on the first performance of the night and get to the 2nd one later.
Nebraska Monday's is a weekly series of jazz and improvisational music booked by local guitarist Ross Hammond at Luna's Cafe.  Originally Ross had booked his trio to appear on this bill with Instagon, but as the date approached it was changed to be his band RACE!! appearing instead featuring Tony Passarell, Tom Monson, and others.  The plan was to play Luna's early.. starting by 7:30pm, play a 30-40 minute set, and off to the next location.   This plan was helped along by Tom Monson allowing us to use his drums for our set, but he forgot his rug and ran home to get it.. Tom rules, we were on the stage by 7:40pm.
This ensemble was a trio.. with an odd configuration.. bass, drums, horn.
On the drums was Dex Lopaz from CHIKADING!, who is a monster on the drums..all over the place.. hard to keep up with.  His energy on the skins is just amazing and his wild time signatures kept Lob off balance for most of the show.  On the horn was our new friend Marco Fuoco, playing various saxophones, and other instruments throughout the night. He also at one point broke into a political rant about artisans and the economy. 

Overall the show was okay.. the begining was much stronger than the end.  The first jam out of the invokation was something that just eneded up being called "527".. it was a free form improv with lots of energy.   The Deamon's Tube was also really hot...but during the Joyride, Lob lost his timing due to trying to follow Dex and the deamon fell from the mark, and of course the clean up was quick and hardly noticable (except to those paying attention)

February 8, 2010
Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA

Invokation  >
527*,  (improv free form jam)
Deamon's Tube,
Manic*,  (new riff, first time played)
Marco's Speech,
Thee Little Turtle,
New Virus* >
Thee Sickness,
Deamon Panther (Pink Panther REALLY fast)

Instagon  527 was:
LOB - bass
DEX LOPAZ - drums
MARCO FUOCO - sax & other elements
Instagon 528
February 8, 2010
The Press Club
Sacramento, CA

We were asked to play this show by friends from Boston,MA with the band PROBLEM WTIH DRAGONS.   Robert from PWD had previously lived in Sacramento and played at Noisefest once with his project Jihad years ago.  He had also been part of a band called SHIZMO or something like that that had played with Instagon during the epic Liquid Den residency in Huntington Beach from 2003.   He also asked Sacramento legends of noise and mayhem, UBERKUNST, to play on this show.. they did not let anyone down.. they were full on KUNST.
By the time we left Luna's and headed for the press club it was raining..not really raining hard.. but raining none the less.. this was not a good sign for a Monday night show. But when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to find a full bar of drinking people who were ready to rock and we came to give it to them.  We were also totally blown away to find OUR name on the marquee outside of the bar.. not the headliner, nor the other band.. but us.. the opening band.. Instagon.
For this show, Instagon consisted of the same band that had played the earlier show at Luna's with the addition of Chad E. Williams on guitar... and Chad came to rock the house down.   This performance was stellar.  Instagon was in rare form and tore up the stage from the moment it was invoked.  The Forward opener was shredding.. and the rest of the set was just as blistering.  Jazz for Satan was the highest point in the set for crowd response.. but that is really no surprize. There was a calming point in the set where one of the new songs, "Sleepwalking"  from the 520 session, was played live for the first time. It included elements of "Dripfall"  in the starting parts, but that quickly faded away and the trance like flow of the riff took over the crowd. ..a run into Echophobic finished out the night.. and there was a funny joke of a tease for Speed of Light at the very end of the session.  It was on fire.. there are no photos that we have seen of this live performance so far.. but there is this really cute group photo taken by Andrew Wayne of CHOPSTICK.

 Instagon 528
February 8, 2010
The Press Club, Sacramento, CA

Jazz for Satan,
Sex Bomb (song by Flipper, aka the punkrock Freebird)
Rock Lobster (song by B-52's)
Shut Down tease (song by The Germs)
Speed of Light (blink of an eye version)

Instagon 528 was:
LOB - bass
- drums
all photos of 527 at Lunas by Tommy VanWormer
photos of Press Club marquee, and flyer art by Lob
group photo of Instagon 528 by Andrew Wayne.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Birthday to thee Deamon

TODAY is Instagon's 17th birthday! All hail the lesser feast of Instagon !!