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Set List - show 519 - HOUSE OF MU, Sacramento,CA - Nov. 14, 2009

Instagon #519
November 14, 2009
House of Mu, Sacramento, CA

set 1
Invokation >
Evil Jazz 23,
Simpsons, (TV show theme by Danny Elfman)
Brainwashed Love,
Deamon's Tube,
Set The Controls, (song by Pink Floyd)
The Little Turtle,
Satisfaction (song by The Rolling Stones)

set 2
Red Planet Landing >
My Little Red Planet,
Rock Lobster, (song by The B-52's)
Love Cats > (song by The Cure)
Thee Sickness,
[Orgone Collector tease]
Jazz for Satan..So What?, (contains both songs intertwined) (So What by Miles Davis)
Eyes Have Seen You (based on riff by The Doors)
Mu *

* new riff, first time played

Instagon 519:
LOB - lead bass

The main thing that everyone kept asking at this show was, "why haven't we done this before?".. and we really did not have an answer. In Sacramento, on the 2nd Saturday of every month there is this "Art Walk" that started a number of years ago and has since expanded into a free for all of creativity and shenannigans in midtown Sacramento. This leads to all sorts of fun things happening that go un-disturbed because the local powers that be seem to be okay with all of the artistic mayhem that happens in their fine city. SO this month, on the 2nd Saturday.. Chad Williams suggested that we should set up an Instagon happening in his front yard.. that the neighbors have parties all the time and they have no room to lets do it. and so we did.
As it is November here in sunny California.. the sun goes away early for some dumb reason.. and it gets dark by 5:30 or so. Because of this we set up around 4:30pm and got started as soon as we could.. and by the time we were ready to start we had already gathered a good little crowd of people that were ready for us! This was all because Mark Halverson is a PR pro and he got his posse to come make an appearance.
And he did not let them down one bit.. Mark was ON.. and so were Chad and Lob.. and the show just tore it up.. It started fun and groovy with the Evil Jazz 23.. and quickly moved into deep goove waters.. Cozmik was on fire.. and Set the Controls was really special for this first set. The Set ended with a really botched attempt at The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction.. (sorry) The first set clocked in at 56 mins.. it was really fun.

The 2nd set started on the Red Planet, and then took off with a Rock Lobster.. followed by the return of Undoing.. which was really amazing once Mark fell in the pocket and the groove took over. Then someone from the crowd asked about the Rock Lobster riff..and Lob played more into the 80's theme by taking off into Love Cats by The Cure.. but quickly changed direction and unleashed a loud and effects driven rendition of Thee Sickness. This set ended with a new riff that was let loose and it was given the title "Mu". (named for the house we were at), This song is EPIC.. this first time it came through at around 13 minutes. .. its something very special and will probably become a standard for the new year.

this ensemble actually was the current configuration of the Garage Jazz Architects appearing as Instagon. This core has played 3 previous times for Instagon but with others, always including a 4th or 5th player. This trio is smokin' and we look forward to really amazing things in 2010 from the GJA.
all photos by Yvette Lucas

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