Tuesday, June 22, 2010

set list - session 539 - Wischemann Hall, Sebastopol, CA

Instagon #539
June 19, 2010
Wischemann Hall

Sebastopol, CA
This show was short and sweet, and a lot of fun. It was in a square-dance hall! seriously.. and it had beautiful hardwood floors and a natural echo to the room. We played last in a bill of 5 acts.. all of which were really good, but the show started about an hour later than it listed.. and one of the bands played twice as long as all the others, so as mentioned we did not play very long. The line-up for this ensemble included Cory Thrall from the band TROI. (he is how we got this gig, he asked us to play) also Leo the Butcher was already there playing with Cerebral Roil, and its always fun to play with Leo when we can.. (last time Leo played was the punk rock show in April at the The Stag), Chad E. WIlliams drove out from Sacramento for this gig in a caravan with Lob, and CJ Borosque from Lords of Outland rounded out the group coming up from the Bay area.  The PA system was small.. but we were pretty loud.. the front mix was much louder from the PA than what we were hearing on the stage.. and so the experience for the band was much different than the experience for the crowd it seems.  We also brought a wall of lights and were VERY psychedelic in our presentation.
Instagon #539
June 19, 2010
Wischemann Hall, Sebastopol, CA

Thee Sickness,
Cambodian Holiday   (Dead Kennedy's riff)
Deamon's Tube
Jazz for Satan

LOB- lead bass, vocals
CHAD E. WILLIAMS - lead guitar
CJ BOROSQUE - electronics/turntableisms
CORY THRALL - casio keyboard

also were Cerebral Roil, TROI, Moria Scar, & Prizehog
photo by Yvette Lucas