Sunday, February 06, 2011

Set List - session 557 - Vega's Nightclub, Old Sacramento, CA - 1-29-2011

Instagon #557
Vega's Nightclub

Sacramento, CA

Once again we return to Vega's nightclub in old town Sacramento for a night of good times and grooves for all.  This time around we brought our friend DOOFY DOO out to open up the festivities and seriously he stole the show.. Doofy Doo is a solo project with loops and live beats done by Drew Walker, it was a fantastic show and comes highly recommended to any that like improvisation and fun time grooves.  We also played our first show with another Sacramento instrumental band that we just recently came in contact with called Set Theory916!  They are a large ensemble that plays with a DJ was very funk and groove oriented with serious deep sessions of the JAM!   They were the bomb.. seriously. 
photo by Yvette Lucas
Most of the previous incarnations of Instagon at Vega's have been really large ensembles that were somewhat out of control at times. This show as not like those, and featured a pretty solid 5pc ensemble that rocked hard and played well together. Drew Walker was on the drum kit, John Keeling was on the guitar, Drew brought a friend that had not played nor really heard Instagon before, his named was Barry McDaniel and he was a pretty smokin' guitar player we were really happy to have him along for the ride and will probably invite him out to try the demon out for another excursion sometime in the near future.  
photo by Yvette Lucas
Also joining us for this session was Andrew Wayne of Chopstick. This was Andrews' first time playing with Instagon in over a year, since Dec. 2009!  It was great to have him back and joining us once again for chaos and audio alchemy.

Instagon #557
Jan. 29, 2011
Vega's Nightclub
Old Sacramento, CA
photo by Yvette Lucas

The Little Turtle
Deamon's Tube
Sound ov thee Night
Space Walk
In The Key of Y

Instagon 557, photo by Yvette Lucas