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set list - session 547 - September 11, 2010 - CURTISFEST, Curtis Park, Sacramento,CA

Instagon 547
September 11, 2010

Curtis Park, Sacramento, CA
It was a warm afternoon and Instagon was scheduled to close out the entertainment list for the 4th Annual CURTISFEST that was put together by the Curtis Park Neighborhood Committee, and well.. it was a damn fun time!
The day was like this.. 3 acts.. Mike Justis Band played from noon til 1pm.. they also brought a PA that that had to tear down and it took a little while for them to clear the stage area to make room for the next band.. the next band was Garage Jazz Architects...and well.. we (GJA) played short.. only about 30 mins.. but it was awesome!  we had also played early that morning on the television news program Good Day what im sayin' is that by the time Instagon was actually ready to start, i was pretty tired..and it was hot.. so it make it really FEEL like I was tired. 
Instagon was scheduled to be a 6 pc ensemble.. with a trombone and trumpet that did not make it..but ended up a nice simple quartet.. well as simple as anything can really be when you have Tony Passarell playing! 
Tony ads a flavor of his own to any group he is sitting in with. This was his 2nd time playing with the deamon..he brought a keyboard and a horn.. and shined hard on both at various parts of the jam.   

On the drums for this session was local Sacramento percussion notable, Alex Jenkins...this was his first time playing with Instagon and it was really wonderful .. Alex is a great player and awesome to play with. Rounding out our quartet was our new friend John Keeling .. this was Johns 5th time playing so far this year, we like John.
The set was an hour long.. and we played a number of really upbeat jazz riffs that were just rolling scales of fun.  The "Deamon's Tube" was nearly 10 mins.. it was cool.  There was also something called "Jazz for Ra" that had teases and elements of Jazz for Satan inter-weaved within it.  Near the end there was a really smokin' version of Echophobic, and a cool sloppy Shut Down too.  We had a great time.. there were lots of vendors and people out with their families.. lots of art, and a petting zoo too!  probably one of the more odd gig's that Instagon has played.. but easily one of the funnest. 

Instagon #547
September 11, 2010
Curtis Park, Sacramento, CA

Running in the Park*>
Orgone Collector
Deamon's Tube
Little Turtle
Jazz for Ra*
Shut Down (w/Pink Panther tease)

*fresh improv/new riff

Instagon 547 was:
LOB - lead bass
TONY PASSARELL - keyboard/horn

also Garage Jazz Architects, & Mike Justis Band
all photos by Yvette Lucas

Thursday, September 09, 2010

NEWS - RECENT INTERVIEWS - PaperCuts & (dis)perse

Just in the past month there have been 2 separate interviews published with me (Lob) regarding Instagon, AIN, Chaos, and musick.. they are both really great interviews.. the first one is part of the new issues of PAPER CUTS Magazine, issue #5..released from the Paper Cuts Records label. 

Its an interview that was conducted earlier this year on line between myself and Justin Cassidy of The Transhumans.  The magazine also features a couple of articles written by me, one that is a label spotlight and short interview with Steve Davis of Love Earth Music, and the other is a an article about Audible Disease Effect Pedals that also includes interviews with Bob Scott of Audible Disease..other interviews include Bob Bellarue, Chopstick, & Corpseboy/Justin Cassidy.  The issue also features a 3" CDR with music from Chopstick, Justin Cassidy/Corpseboy, and Instagon.  The track is the title track of the Echophobic ep.  This mag is usually only printed in small runs 100-200 copies, so if you are interested.. you should order it. 
This interview was done around the time of the Echophobic CD release that happened in the late Spring, also from Paper Cuts Records. And talks alot about that release. The release is limited to only 50 copies.. and is easily the most exquisite looking release Instagon has done since the debut CD in 1994. ..its very beautiful and highly recommended.  

The next interview for your viewing pleasure is in a new  online blog/zine publication that has come out from Auricular Records, and it is called " (dis)perse ".   (This is a fairly new publication and they are looking for more submissions and writers).  The interview featured currently in (dis)perse was done very recently over the net between myself and Alan Herrick of Nux Vomica.  Some of the questions were very interesting and replies that involved talking about Instagon and chaos magick theory, my opinions on the noise scene and much more.. this blog can be found at
 Both of these interviews are really swell and I hope you check them out and find them interesting.. dont forget to leave comments.. comments are the best thing the net has to offer!     Happy reading!  -/\-

Sunday, September 05, 2010

set list - session 546 - September 2, 2010 - John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA

September 2, 2010
John Natsoulas Gallery
Davis, CA
The last time Instagon played at Natsoulas Gallery for the Thursday night live jazz series was Sept. 3, 2009..(Session #513) so exactly one year since the deamon last visited the Natsoulas!! Last year was the Deamon debut for Mark Halverson (who now plays regularly as drummer for Garage Jazz Architects.)  This year we brought out another new drummer to enjoy his virgin run with Instagon at the Natsoulas, 
John Bafus, drummer for MUCKY THE DUCKY.  John played with Instagon for this show, it was his first time playing.. and he was simply fantastic and really fun to play with....we are already looking forward to the next encounter.  
Instagon was the only band booked to play this Thursday night happening.. so we were excited and planned to play 2 sets of music.  Along for the ride this time with Lob besides John was Chad E. WIlliams on guitar, Jaroba on sax and clarinet (both of whom played the show last year too!) and Matt Conklin formerly of the band KARMADA on keyboards.  It was a HOT day, and so as we were setting up to play at 6:45pm it was still in the upper 90's.
We had a short band meeting along the side of the gallery with THE CAPTAIN, and we were ready to play.. we planned to play a short warm up set.. then take a short break to get some water and rest as the sun went down a little more. This plan seemed to work just fine.
The first set clocked in at just under 30 mins and we found ourselves really excited..the initial energy between us was really amazing and we were having a great time as a group. The Spider in the first set was really very cool and groovy.. and the Thruster that closed the set was so damn surfy that the Ventures could have claimed they wrote it! (but they didnt!!)
By the time we got around to the 2nd set the sun had gone down as hoped, but that sorta left us in the dark... the gallery brought out a flood light that we pointed at the wall behind us to give us some light.. it was fine for us..but we probably looked like big shadows in the rotunda. 
 The 2nd set was a little longer and clocked in at around 75 minutes..we started this set around 8:15 and just played on into the night.. we were much more relaxed for this set and the grooves show it.. the entire set was really smokin'  John Bafus is an amazing drummer.. Matt was really intuitive with his keys, Chad was up front and burning it up.. and Jaroba was wailin'! We could not have asked for a better line up to tear up an evening in the streets of Davis, CA.  This set featured a couple of fresh improvisations .. new of them, Trip 23, is available for a download now thru the end of September.(see the link in the set list)  Other great points in this set was the drum solo we made John play during Insta-gadda-da-vida, the song Dripfall is really progressing and this newest attempt was really sweet.. and Echophobic is continuing to be the strong set closer at this time.

Instagon #546

September 2, 2010
John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA

set one:(29:00)
Red Planet Landing>
My Little Red Planet
Deamon's Tube

set two: (1:15)

Sunlight In My Eyes
Evil Jazz23>
Orgone Collector
Trip 23*
Shut Down

* fresh riffs, first time played

Instagon 546 was:
LOB - lead bass & vocals
JAROBA - sax & clarinet
MATT CONKLIN - keyboards
JOHN BAFUS - drums
does any one read this blog??   leave a comment why dont you!!!!?!!
all photos by Yvette Lucas

set list - session 545 - August 30, 2010 - The Hub Collective, Sacramento, CA

Instagon 545
August 30, 2010
The Hub Collective

Sacramento, CA

This was a Monday night show with a history... Originally the guys from PHYSICAL DEMON (from Seattle,WA) contacted Bobby from LIVER CANCER asking for him to help set up a show with them and AL QAEDA... Bobby doesn't really set up a ton of shows..but he is a great guy and did not want to say no.. so he asked XOME to play too, contacted Andrew from CHOPSTICK to help..and a show was on.. during one of our staff meetings for Norcal Noisefest.. this show came up and Bobby asked if Instagon would be into playing a band set for this show?  and also Chemical Angel was invited to play too.. so now the show had grown .. but it seemed that LIVER CANCER would not be able to play.. and in fact Bobby did not think he would even be in town to see this show due to work related scheduling...and so then the show was turned over totally to Andrew.. who went forward with the plan.. the room was booked.. the show was a go.  On the day of the show word came that AL QAEDA were going to cancel due to one of their members going into labor the night before (babies and noise are not a good mix, and so this was for sure a valid excuse  lol) .. and within minutes of this also CHEMICAL ANGEL canceled due to being called into work at the last minute..  and so SMITE! was called into fill the spot from Chemical Angel.. and we were preparing for perhaps an earlier night that planned.. but wait.. an hour before the show starts a call comes in that the other 2 members of AL QAEDA are on their way and play to play as a duo!! and so the show is ON.  And it went down just like that.  CHOPSTICK opened the show doing a set that was with a guitar and some was very reminiscent of Audioemetic... followed by a lengthy set from SMITE! ..who played nearly 10 minutes! .. 3rd up was XOME,.. Xome played to the largest audience of the night..  and he was amazing as always and actually broke the sound level at the Hub.. we were asked to turn it down by someone.. PHYSICAL DEMON played next and were very cosmic and dreamy..  AL QAEDA came on next with a 15 minute set of wicked noise and sonic sound sculpturing.
INSTAGON played last.. and we were originally set to be a 5 pc band.. with Shadow from Chemical Angel and a trumpet player too.. but Shadow did not make the gig.. and the trumpet player was too stoned at home and missed it too.. so we were the power trio.. and a power trio it was!
  This time around was the 3rd round playing for Drew Walker.. Drew is the drummer for the local Sac. band THOUSANDS, as well as other projects around the grid.  Drew is an awesome drummer that really has a good ear for fast paced improv. He also has some effects and triggers that he uses occasionally to spice up his sound.
Also on board for this show was John Keeling on the guitar.. this was John's 4th time playing with the Deamon this year.. we like John.. he is a fun player and really fills the holes well when the sonic chaos is brewing..  This was the first show that Instagon had played as a band without any pre-meditated theme or concept since May and so we were ready to let it loose..the show was smokin' from the very start of the Invokation.. the level of intensity in the room was high and every one was really ready to just punch it and let the chaos fly.. it was an rock power trio.. we tore it up for the short time we had to play.. the Jazz for Satan was particularly fun.. as it was not the standard swing rendition but something else completely different with a fresh bluesy approach.  The entire set was really powerful and special for those that out on a Monday night to be touched by the Deamon..

August 30, 2010
The Hub Collective, Sacramento, CA

The Flux>
Hubbin', *
Jazz for Satan,

* new riff, fresh improv

INSTAGON 545 was:
LOB - lead bass/vocals
flyer art and photos by Andrew Wayne