Monday, July 13, 2009



Recorded in August 2008
limited to 50 copies

This recording of Instagon (477) was done during the IN THE FLOW Festival in Sacramento,CA in 2008. It features Lob playing with long time friend Chip Conrad (CMU, Christian Kiefer Band), along with Guitarist Chad E. Williams, and Davis,CA horn player, Jaroba. This disc was produced and released during the 2nd Annual IN THE FLOW Festival that happened this year, it was limited to 50 copies, and we are happy to annouce the release for sale of the remaining discs.

This show outside and it was a hot day. We played set of mostly improvisational free jazz with a couple of Instagon garage jazz standards thrown in for good measure. It was originally billed to be a trio with only Chip and Chad, but at the last minute we added Jaroba to sit in for part of the set and it was really worth it. This is one of the last great happenings that went down at the True Love Cafe at its K Street Location.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SETLIST: Show 508 -@ Deb n' Craigs 4th of July Party

..back at Craig & Deb's house for another party.. this time for 4th of July.. it was a warm summer day in Sacramento.. and we had a swell time.. the food was awesome and the company was just splendid.. and the pool felt great to relax in... we played 3 sets.. all around 40 mins each.. lots and lots of cover songs (it was a party afterall..)
Chad had to leave after the 2nd set, so the 3rd set was drum and bass only with the Butcher and Lob cutting it up a the end of the day..

July 4, 2009
8283 Caribbean Way, Sacramento, CA
house party

SET 1 (40:00 mins)

Blues 4 July*,
La Grange**,
Bille Jean***,
Gimme More#,
Orgone Collector

SET 2 (48:00 mins)

One of These Days##,
Deamon's Tube,
Beat It***,
Whole Lotta Rosie###,

SET 3 (42:00 mins)

Comin' To Get You*
Evil Jazz 23,
Eyes Have Seen^^^,
The Little Turtle,
Smoke on the Water (tease),
Jazz for Satan,
Sunlight in My Eyes,
For Whom The Bell Tolls^^^^

* new riff/song
** ZZ Top riff
*** Michael Jackson riff, 1st time played.
**** TV show theme
# Britney Spears riff
## Pink Floyd riff
### AC/DC riff
^ Queen riff
^^ Lynyrd Skynyrd riff
^^^ Doors riff
^^^^ Metallica riff, 1st time played

Instagon 508 was:
LOB (lead bass, vocals)

*** 3RD SET, DRUMS & BASS ONLY - no chad ***(photos by Yvette Lucas)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Comps.Part 5: COMMUNAL DEATH DUCK-PINK PONY : covers, remixes, manipulations, & regurgitations

This is probably the most interesting compilation we have been involved with this is the story..
COMMUNAL DEATH DUCK is a band from Alice, Texas who somehow became "friends" with Instagon via the magick of Earlier in the year CDD put out a bulletin that they had this great idea for their next album...the idea was to collect a cd of covers and remixes fo their songs done by other artists. It seemed like a pretty good idea.. and so we explored their songs on the web and found one that was very interesting called "The Sunlight in Your Eyes".. it had a very simply bass line, and seemed like it could be pulled of with no warning with a group.. and it was on!
The first time the song appeared in the Instagon set was at Java Lounge in early January 2009. (show 489) .. but with a slight it was now in the first person and had become "The Sunlight in My Eyes".. the first time it was played, I knew it was gonna be something that we would play a lot more in the future. The very next show was at Marilyns on K St. in Sacramento (show 490) a week later and we played it again. (This is the recording that appears on the compilation).. a couple of days later we contacted CDD and told them we had already recorded 2 versions of this song, and that they could pick one of them for thier collection. Norberto from CDD was really excited .. he was expecting remixes and covers from friends and bands that they KNOW.. but here was one from someone that they didnt know.. ouf of the blue...and thus a friendship was born. The new CD "Communal Death Duck presents PINK PONY: covers, remixes, manipulations, & regugitations" is a collection of 21 different versions of songs by CDD from thier previous 3 CD's done by other bands and friends. Instagon appears doing "The Sunlight in My Eyes" from show 490, recorded at Marilyns on K, Sacramento, CA , January 14, 2009. It features surprizing fun vocals from Lob, and the song has become a regular in the shows so far this year.

copies of this disc can be found for download at: