Saturday, March 20, 2010

set list - session 530 - IDES OF MARCH @ On The Y, Sacramento, CA - 3-15-2010

Instagon 530
March 15, 2010
On The Y

Sacramento, CA
The IDES OF MARCH..  we got offered a gig.. and well i just could not turn it down.. lucky for us too.. as The Humans (from Reno) were a no call, no show.. and so we got to play extra long..  like a full 90 minutes extra long!!!  Also, the deamon had new players for the mix that night!!  new friends from the local Sacramento band called THOUSANDS , DAVE STONE, and DREW WALKER..joined Lob and DEX LOPAZ from CHIKADING! for a rippin' rock set at this local rock bar establishment.   The set was SMOKIN' from the get go .. could have something to do with this bar giving us a pitcher of Arrogant Bastard Ale!!!  It did not have a lot of people there.. but the people that WERE there really mattered and made it fun.  As mentioned we played a long ass time.. unfortunately it seems that there were no photos taken.   Thanks to Grant for giving us the spot and letting us rock out for so long. 

March 15, 2010
On The Y, Sacramento, CA

Speed of Light,
Deamon's Tube,
Jazz for Satan,
In Thee Key ov Y,             (fresh improv, new riff, 1st time played)
Dust >                               (riff by Queen)
Insta-Gadda-Da-Vida,       (riff by Iron Butterfly)
Thee Little Turtle,
Thee Sickness,
Space Walk,
Brainwashed Love,
Shut Down                      (riff by The Germs) O

Instagon 530 were:
 LOB - lead bass, vocals
DEX LOPAZ - keyboards   (Chikading!)
DAVE STONE - guitar        (ThouSands)
DREW WALKER - drums   (ThouSands)

handbill design by Lob

Monday, March 08, 2010

setlist & details, session 529 - UBRADIO appearance / collab with Big City Orchestra - March 3, 2010

Instagon 529
March 3, 2010

Alameda, CA
UB RADIO SALON is a 2 hour weekly radio show that happens from a secret location in Alameda, California hosted by Ninah Pixie & dAS of Big City Orchestra that is broadcast live over the web via a radio server in the Netherlands.  Its quite the technological feat actually, hosting a weekly show. 

This was Instagon's 2nd appearance on this show (last was session 479), and this time out we brought Chad E. Williams with us from Sacramento.. and BCO brought Tom from UNIVAC ..and together we made a force to reckoned with.  Chad and I drove from Sactown to Alameda thru 2 ugly rain storms.. and another one greeted us upon arrival and downpoured on top of us as we unloaded our gear..  Our studio space was warm and welcoming..
Ninah was already set up to play with her Alesis and so she was able to greet us and be a wonderful hostess. She offered us towels to dry off with..and some beverages.. she is always the best host.  Tom was also already set up with his gear. The last time Instagon happened on UBRADIO, Tom also appeared and this was the first time we had seen each other since then.. it had been nearly 2 years!  So it was great to have UNIVAC involved once again with our radio shenanigans..

Chad and I came in out of the rain as quick as we could and got our gear set up.. Chad had come with just his guitar and pedal he was set up quickly..  I on the other hand came with a bass, a mixer, some effects, a set of marching bells, and a piece of metal that was salvaged from a Moe! Staiano I took the longest to set up.. which gave opportunity for everyone else to say hi and take these nifty pictures that you are looking at .   The show was loosely based around the notion that I was gonna read some of my "kids" poems.. i did read some of my rhymes.. but we never ever got to a point where reading one of my children's pieces ever seemed like it would work.. i did read numerous poems.. probably the most poems in one sitting that I have read in over a year. I also played some bass, and made some noises.... and hosted the radio show.. the show was continuous for 2 hours.. there was short break at the half way point.. and then another shorter break while Tom did his monthly "science" spot for the show. So in all actuality there were 3 sets.. one long one. and 2 shorter ones. There was not really a set list in regards to the music.. it was very experimental and improvisational with what we had to work with., but there were appearances of a few standard Instagon riffs.. 

Instagon 529
March 3, 2010

My Little Red Planet,
Thee Sickness,

Where Are The Baby Pigeons,
When Shit Becomes Food,
Have You Ever Smoked A Bowl?
I'm Stoned & This Poet Sucks,
I Could Have Been Hit By A Bus,
Waiting for a Ride,
Postcard from Italy,
Fidel Castro,
My Favorite Song,
Jesus Has A Sampler

Instagon 529 was:
LOB - words, bass, metal, bells, shenanigans
NINAH PIXIE - Alesis Synthesizer
TOM UNIVAC - samples, keyboards, toys
DAS UBI - master control mixer, samplers

all words, original poems by Lob.

photos by Chad E. Williams
Flyer art and photo of Chad by Ninah Pixie