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Set List - session 523 - El Rincon, San Francisco, CA - Dec. 22, 2009

December 22, 2009
El Rincon, San Francisco, CA

It was a cold winters night in San Francisco.. no rain, just cold with some wind.. but not as cold as we had thought it was gonna be .. so I guess that's a good thing, right?
We arrived early to the venue, Bob from Xome had traveled with us and was going to be involved with the Instagon set that was planned so it was cool to have come as a group. Instagon was planned to be another mixer set and basically the same set that was played last week at Luna's Cafe, but obviously with different players. This time around we had planned to included Free Fargo from SF, but he declined. We also invited Cory Thrall from Shrew Florist & E-Yard to join in the festive fun.. he was very excited to play, it would be his first Instagon session. We also asked the project that played before us called Bonus Beast if they would like to be involved and so we grew to a 5 piece group with the addition of Ryan King and Josh Thomas
Tonight we started with "Foundation" .. as this was more as a NOISE show and not leaning on the season for its inspiration.. (the show last week had an xmas themed title) was really heavy and full of steam really early on. This piece has truly evolved since its first appearance in 2007 and this evening rendition and players were all on their game. Bob Scott was really watching Lob as he manipulated the mixer and found what channel he was on and really watched for moments he was being mixed forward in the chaos. We finished "Foundation" and the crowd cheered and thought we were done.. Ryan started to pack up his gear..and had to be stopped.. we announced.. "no no..its not done yet.. we are just getting started" .. a quick change of the cd for direction.. and we started into "So This Is Chistmas".. it was loud and over the top.. and went only about half way thru the actual foundation track of the 1994 original mix. . so this was a shorter live version of this song than the one played last week in Sacramento.

At the end of the set it was discovered that the audio recording device was unplugged at some point during the ritual and so no audio recording was captured. Jared from Shrew Florist made a video recording and so this is the only known documentation from this session that exists besides photos. Free Fargo, who came to support the show even though he did not play, mentioned that it was timely and it was happy we had played "So This is Christmas.." its nice to have someone give feedback for a change.. feed back is always welcome.

Instagon #523
December 22, 2009
El Rincon, San Francisco, CA

So This Is Christmas...

523 was:

photos by Yvette Lucas
flyer art art possibly by Grux
photo art by Lob

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Set List - session 522 - Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA - Dec. 18, 2009

Instagon #522
December 18, 2009
Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA

'twas the NOISE before Xmas... at least that what it said on the flyer. and so it was.. it was a really fun show.. you should have been there! Those who were there got to see some really great sound art and noise improvisations. All of the sets that happened were really strong. The sound system hand some issued a few times, but we overcame them and moved forward with each set in a timely fashion, letting loose the audio brutality that we came to unleash.
By the time INSTAGON took the stage it was easily 11pm.. and that 'ole end of the show energy had taken the room by storm.. there were only a few die hards left.. you know who you are and you are wonderful for staying.. thank you! The set was to be a MIXER SET.. the 2nd one of this year. (the first one was session 512 earlier in the year, also at Luna's). The MIXER SET , involves each player giving a direct line feed to a Mixer.. no amps, no headsets.. and then Lob conducts the sound from the Mixer controls live... sonic sculpting the set as it moves forward. Involved in this set were CHAD E. WILLIAMS, WES STEED, ANDREW WAYNE (of CHOPSTICK), and STEFANO ZEROLI (Ink On Suit)...with special guest ART LUNA playing a blender!

(Art Luna of Luna's Cafe behind the counter)

Earlier in the week Instagon had released a download of a 15 year old track called "So This Is Christmas" . This track was an audio collage done in 1994 live, and then re-mixed in the studio. For this session (522) we used this collage as the foundation of the performance, with Lob then adding the performer's live noise and electronics on top of it, making for a really nice live re-mix of an old old friend. The last time this track saw any action was a radio broadcast at Xmas time in 1996.. previous to that the only other LIVE happening of "So This Is Chistmas" was the original performance from 1994.. Instagon session 64! But we did stop there.. we closed the set with a rendition of "Foundation" a piece that was written for the Mixer Set but had not been performed since session #473 (49 shows if your counting)...we figured hell, while we were dusting off old tracks.. why not play this one too! it was well worth it.. this version of "Foundation" was really hot with Lob adding bass lines as it progressed into the swirling chaos.

Instagon #522
December 18, 2009
Luna's Cafe, Sacramento CA

Ghost of Xmas Present Visitation / So This Is Christmas

522 was:
LOB - mixer control, bass, metal objects
ANDREW WAYNE - electronics
STEFANO ZEROLI - electronics
WES STEED - electronics
ART LUNA - blender

photos by Bobby Almon

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Set List - group 521 - Cozmic Cafe, Placerville, CA - Nov. 28, 2009

Instagon #521
November 28, 2009
Cozmic Cafe, Placerville, CA
A cold Fall evening in the town of Placerville, in the Tahoe foothills of California. We arrived at Cozmic Cafe really really early as we were asked to do, and arrived to find no one there that had any idea what was happening with the show. There was no door person, nor a person to run the sound. The kind hearted owner, Gayle, informed us that there was a beautiful sound system for our use and that "they" would be happy to help us with sound..but who "they" were was really not mentioned, nor was any real help offered. After a little time going by and frustration starting to set in, we set upon the job ourselves with the help of Chad E. Williams and someone else from the Noisepsalm crew of people we finally got a working sound system and we were ready for launching. it had now been nearly 2 hours since we arrived...and we were hungry. So a quick run to a fast food joint to get some fuel, and then back to the venue to invoke our deamon.
It was a really tough night on stage.. it was hard to hear as they had no real monitors on stage.. and Blake William, although a swell guitar player, is really loud. The set started off with a quick Invokation and dropped into the Red Planet Landing & My Little Red Planet. After a few adjustments to sound, we were off again running through a good selection of older Instagon riffs (Red Planet, Spider, Jazz for Satan, Deamon's Tube), some of the newer riffs (Undoing, Cozmic, Buzzkill), and some great garage jazz covers too (Simpsons, Rock Lobster). This was Skip Moriarty's first time playing with Instagon, and he seemed to really enjoy himself dancing and doing place kicks on the stage while we were rockin'. The audience really had a great time watching him. But the real core of this show was a semi-prepared concept (prepared as in everyone on stage had been forewarned) ..this was Instagon group # 521. ..with that number in mind we set into playing Five To One by the Doors.. with full vocals from Lob ! It was really something different, and very special. It was done for this show only, and will probably not be repeated. We played it upbeat and off key just like you knew we would. {grin}.

November 28, 2009
Cozmic Cafe, Placerville, CA

Invokation >
Red Planet Landing >
My Little Red Planet,
Simpsons, (TV Theme song)
Jazz for Satan,
Five To One*, (song by The Doors, 1st time played)
Rock Lobster, (song by B-52's)
Deamon's Tube

521 was:
LOB (lead bass, vocals)
MATT LEWIS (keyboards)
SKIP MORIARTY (flute, tamborine)

A side note: Skip Moriarty used to be the flute player for the band STEEL WIND, and Blake William's dad was the guitar player in STEEL BREEZE. So this show had a lot of STEEL potential...just thought we would share that.
all photos by Yvette Lucas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Recording Session Set Lists - group 520 - Lower Freeborn Hall -KDVS, Davis,CA - Nov. 21, 2009

Instagon #520
November 21, 2009
Studio "D" Engineering Room
Lower Freeborn Hall, KDVS Radio, UC DAVIS
Davis, CA

This year Instagon supported KDVS radio by donating $200.00 to their annual fund drive in the spring time. For this we were given a generous gift of 8 hours in the studio at the station with an engineer. After months of planning and gathering the right people, the date was set and off we went into the studio. Joining Instagon for this adventure in exploration were the 2 members with the most hours involved with the Deamon, Lob on bass , and Cary Pealer (Punk As a Doornail) on drums. The classic rhythm section of Instagon. Also joining us on guitars were Chad E. Williams (GJA) and Dan Quillan (Art Lessing), Susan Hunt (waning), and Andrew Wayne (Chopstick)...and we were joined for the middle set by Jaroba for some great saxophone.improvisational interaction.
[Dan Quillan, photo by Lob]

[Susan Hunt, photo by Lob]

[Andrew Wayne, photo by Lob]

The first set / session started with a quick warm up of the song "Forward", before the actual recording machines were turned on.. then a little more tweaking of the space and getting comfortable , and then we were off. Cary had a hard time finding his studio legs and we all seemed a little off.. but listening back to the raw recordings we sounded really good, it just was hard to realize it because of the size of the space we were in. The Sickness was over 16 minutes long during this session and was just fantastic.
The 2nd set we were joined for an hour by Jaroba, and we played a couple of the songs again that we played in the first set. He tore some really great sonic holes into the stratosphere of that room and laid down some great horn. After the 2nd set we took a break for nearly an hour to get some food. After eating we all felt much better, even Cary, and we laid down some really great tracks of pure titles.. fresh riff rides.. the 2nd groove was particularly amazing..we named it "Freeborn" for the hall building we were playing in.
Here are the set lists and notes regarding who plays where and what cover songs we had fun with while in the studio. The engineer was Fenris Wolf, and we should be meeting again with him sometime very soon for the final mix down of these recordings.

soundcheck - Forward [no recording]

SET 1:
Sunlight In My Eyes, {original song by Communal Death Duck}
Echophobic (w/vocal),
Speedwobble tease,
Thee Sickness (w/ vocal),
Cozmic tease,
Evil Jazz 23,
Sex Bomb (w/vocal), {song by Flipper}

SET 2:
Jazz for Satan,
Brainwashed Love,
Disco Warm-Up*
Deamon Disco*
Thee Sickness

Cows, {song originally done by Murray}
Bela, {song by Bauhaus}
Cruise Control*,
Nebula Chaser,
Dust > {song by Queen}
Set The Controls > {song by Pink Floyd}
Rock Lobster > {song by B-52's}
Shut Down > {song by The Germs}
Found Wind# [noise piece]

* new songs, 1st time played
# noise piece

Instagon #520 was:
LOB (bass,vocals),
CARY PEALER (drums),
CHAD E. WILLIAMS (guitar),
DAN QUILLAN (guitar, deth cello),
ANDREW WAYNE (moog synth)
SUSAN HUNT (keyboards)
JAROBA (saxophone) [2nd Set Only]

top photo by Andrew Wayne

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Set List - show 519 - HOUSE OF MU, Sacramento,CA - Nov. 14, 2009

Instagon #519
November 14, 2009
House of Mu, Sacramento, CA

set 1
Invokation >
Evil Jazz 23,
Simpsons, (TV show theme by Danny Elfman)
Brainwashed Love,
Deamon's Tube,
Set The Controls, (song by Pink Floyd)
The Little Turtle,
Satisfaction (song by The Rolling Stones)

set 2
Red Planet Landing >
My Little Red Planet,
Rock Lobster, (song by The B-52's)
Love Cats > (song by The Cure)
Thee Sickness,
[Orgone Collector tease]
Jazz for Satan..So What?, (contains both songs intertwined) (So What by Miles Davis)
Eyes Have Seen You (based on riff by The Doors)
Mu *

* new riff, first time played

Instagon 519:
LOB - lead bass

The main thing that everyone kept asking at this show was, "why haven't we done this before?".. and we really did not have an answer. In Sacramento, on the 2nd Saturday of every month there is this "Art Walk" that started a number of years ago and has since expanded into a free for all of creativity and shenannigans in midtown Sacramento. This leads to all sorts of fun things happening that go un-disturbed because the local powers that be seem to be okay with all of the artistic mayhem that happens in their fine city. SO this month, on the 2nd Saturday.. Chad Williams suggested that we should set up an Instagon happening in his front yard.. that the neighbors have parties all the time and they have no room to lets do it. and so we did.
As it is November here in sunny California.. the sun goes away early for some dumb reason.. and it gets dark by 5:30 or so. Because of this we set up around 4:30pm and got started as soon as we could.. and by the time we were ready to start we had already gathered a good little crowd of people that were ready for us! This was all because Mark Halverson is a PR pro and he got his posse to come make an appearance.
And he did not let them down one bit.. Mark was ON.. and so were Chad and Lob.. and the show just tore it up.. It started fun and groovy with the Evil Jazz 23.. and quickly moved into deep goove waters.. Cozmik was on fire.. and Set the Controls was really special for this first set. The Set ended with a really botched attempt at The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction.. (sorry) The first set clocked in at 56 mins.. it was really fun.

The 2nd set started on the Red Planet, and then took off with a Rock Lobster.. followed by the return of Undoing.. which was really amazing once Mark fell in the pocket and the groove took over. Then someone from the crowd asked about the Rock Lobster riff..and Lob played more into the 80's theme by taking off into Love Cats by The Cure.. but quickly changed direction and unleashed a loud and effects driven rendition of Thee Sickness. This set ended with a new riff that was let loose and it was given the title "Mu". (named for the house we were at), This song is EPIC.. this first time it came through at around 13 minutes. .. its something very special and will probably become a standard for the new year.

this ensemble actually was the current configuration of the Garage Jazz Architects appearing as Instagon. This core has played 3 previous times for Instagon but with others, always including a 4th or 5th player. This trio is smokin' and we look forward to really amazing things in 2010 from the GJA.
all photos by Yvette Lucas

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thee Screams ov Angels on thee Deaf Ears ov Man

new for 2009
FINALLY a full length NOISE release from INSTAGON.
This release was recorded at various locations during the year 2008. Most of these tracks come from "mixer sets" from the Deamon and include over 20 players throughout the 5 tracks. It has been released by our good friends at LOVE EARTH MUSIC. This is our 2nd Release on LEM Recordings (the first was "Survivors ov thee Psychick Conflickt" from 2006) The new release also features a cover art collage by Lob called "Monks and Angels" that is very beautiful.
This release came out a few months ago and we just didnt have time to blog about now we are! This is the best noise release from Instagon to come in years. It has that old school feeling and raw energy of the early releases from Instagon (think "Methoozella" or "Thee Most Creative Thing in a Slight English Accent")
The guys at Vital Weekly compared this release to Throbbing Gristle jamming out.
you should get this release if you like noise from the low end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Set List - show 518 - NORCAL NOISEFEST XIII - The Greens Hotel, Sacramento, CA - Oct 17, 2009

Instagon #518
October 17, 2009
The Greens Hotel, Sacramento,Ca
Black October Samurai >
Spider With Sickness >
Return ov thee Samurai >
Illness >
Jazz for Satan

LOB (bass)
STEVE DAVIS (antelope specialist)
BLAKE EDWARDS (the minimalist)
MARK SODEN JR (trumpet w/ electronics)

This marked the 13th that the Norcal Noisefest has unleashed its decibels and mayhem upon the good city of Sacramento. Instagon is part of a very elite club that has played every Norcal Noisefest. This was our 13th appearance at NF.
We were scheduled to appear in the 3rd session of 5 for this years 3 day event and had very good company with Vertonen and Xome closing the night after our set. Already this session had seen amazing performances from Nux Vomica, Lords of Outland, Dog, CJ Borosque, & XDUGEF.. and this was only the 3rd session!! The Instagon set that was planned was to elaborate on the NOISE TRIO concept that we have been doing for most noise appearances this year, to expand to a Quintet. The original trio that was planned for this show was to be Lob on bass, Moe! Staiano on the Antelope Specialist sign.. and Floyd Diebel on the box of toys and microphone.. but both of them skipped out on the idea and so Steve Davis from +DOG+ was recruited for the Antelope Specialist sign (his 2nd time doing it! see show 496). Its always great to play with Steve.. he is an old friend .. DOG and Instagon have a long interactive its fun. For the other position BLAKE EDWARDS from VERTONEN was asked to sit in for his first Instagon experience playing the toys from the box.. the minimalist.
To grow the band into a Qunitet.. we added a horn section!! Featuring RENT ROMUS from LORDS OF OUTLAND on Saxophone.. and MARK SODEN from PHOG MASHEEEN on Trumpet with electronic.. and thus the stage was set for Instagon 518.. the NOISE QUINTET!

the group started off at a trot and quickly grew into a full run..playing wicked cool free jazz coming from all directions.. noise spattered with beats and rythyms inner moving with horns and grooves.. it was delicious. Probably one of the the best executed conceptual ideas for Instagon that has happened in quite some time. The entire show was improv on the spot. .. Jazz for Satan was thrown in at the end of the set just for good measure and fun. Spider With Sickness was very dark and contained parts of both Spider and Thee Sickness..hence the title.. Other 2 titles were named post the performance and were dedicated to the angry neighbor who for some reason saw it his right to attack the Noisefest with a Samurai Sword. Its true! This is how the night ended.. with Xome blowing the lid off of the room, a man with a sword at the door, and the cops coming to our rescue. Another Norcal Noisefest becomes history.. thank you Sacramento.

all photos by Yvette Lucas

<a href="">Intro by Instagon</a>

Monday, October 12, 2009

Setlist - Show 517 - Davis Jazz Festival, Village Bakery & Grill Stage, Davis,CA -Oct 10, 2009.

October 10, 2009

Village Bakery & Grill Stage, Davis, CA

Evil Jazz 23,
(theme from)Brainwashed Love,
So What**,
I Dream of Jea
Space Walk,
The Little Turtle,
2nd intro,
Jazz for Davis***,
Deamon's Tube,
The Virus >
The Sickness,
Sex Bomb#

* TV theme songs
** Miles Davis riff

*** Jazz for Satan with different lyric
# riff by Flipper

LOB - lead bass
DEX LOPAZ - keyboards
JAROBA - sax / baritone clarinet

At first upon arrival we were worried.. it did not look as though the venue was prepared for an electric band. The band before us, The David O'Keefe Trio, were mostly an acoustic ensemble. But we managed to squeeze our little quintet into the space they provided for us, and really had a pretty damn good time at the Davis Jazz Festival. The event was sponsored by the John Natsoulas Gallery and featured a number of different stage locations around the downtown Davis area.

We, somehow, became the last band playing on the schedule on any of the stages.. so we were happy to have a nice spot. It was a beautiful night in Davis.. the weather was perfect for an outdoor set. We played in this little courtyard in front of the Village Bakery & Grill. Our friend, Jaroba, had played earlier in the evening with his trio at the Bistro 33 stage, and we asked him to come over and sit in with us later, and he did..and it was a great time..
Jaroba is a fun player to have involved in the groove.. Also playing this evening was Mark Halverson on the drums.. this is his 3rd time playing with Instagon.. and he seems to get the grip on things really fast.. he will probably be playing a lot more upcoming shows.. so watch for him.

Chad E. Williams played his 40th appearance with Instagon on guitar.. and as usual people in the audience were asking for him to turn it up.. he just needs an a mp that goes to eleven.. that is all. Dex Lopaz played some really funky groove keyboards.. it was Dex's first show since the spring time.. it was swell to play with him again.

As a group we were really tight.. there were chaotic moments of course, but all and all it was a really great show.. filled with lots of structure and improvisation all at the same time.. fine ass garage jazz for the Davis Jazz Fest! "Brainwashed Love", "Echophobic", & "Deamon's Tube" were all really smokin' jams for this show.. and the twisted upstepped jazz version of "Thee Sickness" with the "Virus" in tro was just right to fit the night.. The long slow, mellow, shoe gazer/psychedelic rendition of "Sex Bomb" made for an awsome closer to a nearly 90 minute set.

all photos by Yvette Lucas
photo collage by Lob

Monday, September 28, 2009

Setlist - Show 516 - Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco,CA - Sept.24, 2009

Instagon #516
Sept. 24, 2009
Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco,CA

Dueling Tables,
Evil Jazz 23,
Extra Luggage Fee,
Banana Man

LOB (bass),
DR. OBLIVIOUS (toys/microphone, the minimalist),
FREE FARGO (metal source, effects pedals/antelope specialist)

Since moving to Northern California Instagon has played annually at the Luggage Store Gallery for the OUTSOUND EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC SERIES hosted by Rent Romus of Edgetone Records. This was our 4th appearance as Instagon at this space. The space is a beautiful gallery near the corner of 6th St on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco (half a block from the Warfield). There is a wicked steep staircase hidden behind a door that is covered by stickers, but once up the stairs you find a very nice space with hard wood floors and high ceiling with great natural reverb. We got up the stairs and started setting up for the show.. .upon arrival only Dr. Oblivious was confirmed to play.. .about half way thru the set up time, Free Fargo arrived at the show and we informed the door and Free at the same time that he would be playing in the set. He was surprised and excited.. and we continued to set up.
Noise Trio : 1 part metal and pedals, 1 part mic and toys, 1 part bass
This was Dr. O's 2nd time playing the Minimalist for the Noise Trio.. . he was also very entertaining to watch we were told afterwords.. he brought some of his own toys this time too.. Free was on the metal "ANTELOPE SPECIALIST" sign, and was playing very minimal noise.. nothing too power filled or
outbursting.. which set the tone for a very flowing and fun set from Instagon Noise Trio.. with Lob on bass.
The set was short and fun.. only a few pieces were attempted due mostly to the natural reverb in the room making it really hard for Lob to hear the bass he was playing.. and also we played late due to the opening act playing long.. so it was time to go home.. there was a really interesting version of "Evil Jazz 23" that was included in this set.. and also this was the first Noise Trio set to not include "To The Point" (for those that care)

photos by Yvette Lucas

Monday, September 14, 2009

Setlist - Show 515 - Flux 53 Theater, Oakland,CA

Instagon #515
9 - 12 - 2009
Flux 53 Theater, Oakland, CA

Red Planet Landing>
The Flux*,
Orgone Collector,
Space Walk,
Evil Jazz 23,
Deamon's Tube

* new riff, first time played

LOB - bass
RENT ROMUS - sax and electronics
FREE FARGO - drums
[free stream/download  ]
This show was an art opening for our good friend CJ Borosque, and also a release party for the MUDWAGON CD compilation that was released on Edgetone Records a few months back. The venue was a really sweet little playhouse theater with a generous stage and nice seating for everyone. The rest of the acts that played that night were mostly jazz and avant garde sounds.. very mellow and loose.. Instagon did not come with that mindset ..we came to rock, and rock we did. The band was anchored by Free Fargo who was playing his 2nd Instagon show ever (the first one being May 2007) and who had not touched his drums in over 2 years. For someone who has not played in 2 years, he was awesome .
Also someone that had not played with Instagon in over a year was Rent Romus from Lords of Outland, he is always great to play with and also was responsible for putting this entire event together. It was a great time. The band was rounded out with Chad E. Williams playing guitar and Lob laying down the riffs. Out of the Invokation we teased "Red Planet Landing".. and then something different happened and I could not lay off the delay pedal.. and so something new was born that we called "The Flux" in honor of the room we played that night. Its a great tune and will probably start to appear in future garage jazz set lists. Over all we rocked really hard.. but also the regular tunes like Deamon's Tube, and Forward both were taken to very different places and not played in very regular way. So this set list appears to be filled with mostly alot of Instagon standards, but in fact they were not played very standard like at all..
Chad left early before we could take the group photo shot, so here is a shot of 3 of us from the end of the night .. from L: Bug spot where Chad should be, Free Fargo, Rent Romus, & Lob.
all photos by Yvette Lucas


Monday, September 07, 2009

Setlist - Show 514 - The Stag, Woodland,Ca 9-5-09


The Stag, Woodland,CA

Red Planet Landing>
My Little Red Planet,

The Little Turtle,

Speed of Light,
Deamon's Tube,
Jazz for Satan,
Set The Controls,
..and then the Conversation tunned to
Under the Wheels,
Sex Bomb

* song by Graves Brothers Deluxe, 1st time played

LOB (bass, vocals),
SUSAN HUNT (keyboards).
JOHN "polar bear" NICHTMAN

This show was ROCKIN' !! it was booked on a last minute request from Kenny at the Stag as he needed a show for this weekend and had no bands booked.. we took that challange and brought our good friends "(waning)" with us and it was really a swell time. After Waning played both Jim and Susan joined in the Deamon invokation of the night and we tore it up.. Susan is a really fun keyboardist and keeps getting better every time she plays with Instagon.
at the end of the night there was this silly drunk bald guy that kept yelling for us to play "SLAYER"! ..and so we busted out some psychotic speed metal for a moment to try to satisfy him.. but no luck.. he still wanted his Slayer..later he attempted to roust Lob into a fight but in the end pussed out and ran away like most bald drunk guys do when they have no friends to back them up

Also for this show we had a new drummer named Polar Bear, and he was really a great sport and seemed to have a good time. Even though we tried to kill him by playing a 90 minute set !!!! thanks to everyone.. it was a fun night of beer and rock n roll garage jazz.

photos by Yvette Lucas