Monday, March 25, 2013

Instagon's Stockton,CA Debut!! Tomorrow!!

flyer by Marc Schneider
INSTAGON plays tomorrow for the FIRST time ever in Stockton, Ca.   It's cool to be playing at the Plea for Peace that is the only really accepted honest venue that we have heard of IN Stockton..   There used to be a place called The Black Water Cafe.. but it is closed now (Garage Jazz Architects played there once..but no Instagon) ,, beyond those 2 venues.. we really have no real insight into Stockton at all.. we hope to really try to make some new friends.. it would be swell to get to come and make the deamon rise there more than just this one time.  The venue is run by a guy named Middagh, who is also part of the band NOVACAIN we are sharing the night with..  so it will be cool to meet him and co-conspire.   We have been told in the past that Novacain is a band that Instagon should play with we are excited to see what they are all about.  Also on the bill are FORREST FRIENDS, who are on tour from Seattle.. also new friends that we have yet to meet.. and then a couple of old friends.. MEDICINE CABINET from Tracy (who actually got this show to happen!).. and BLOOD INTO WATER from San Jose.    This should be a swell night of noise and improvisational weirdness.   A few years ago Instagon played the POO FROG RANCH for their Mayday Celebration and we became friends with YELLOW DOT from Stockton.. they are our only real friends in Stockton and David Molina from Yellow Dot will be part of the Instagon session.. as will Chad E. Williams, Stephen E Elliott, & Ryan Tomesello (of Blood Into Water) .. it should be an interesting Instagon.   See you tomorrow.   -/\-

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Instagon 20 Year Anniversary Show - session #623 - photos and Audio!

INSTAGON's official 20th Anniversary show took place on Feb. 2, 2013 at Marilyn's on K in Sacramento,CA.  We were joined for this occasion by local friends EGG, and from SF the LORDS OF OUTLAND once again joined us for our birthday.  It was a fabulous night of chaos and music with new and old friends. The Instagon performance included 17 various individuals as part of the group and included 3 of the original 4 members from Instagon's first invokation. (Lob, Peek, & Chris TM were all present.. only Myke Quest was not)

There are a number of photos from this event in the photo albums on the Instagon Facebook page.. if you have not "liked" our page on FB.. please to there now and do so, and check out the pics.

More photos were taken by local Sacramento photographer Ed Goldthorpe. He has posted them up on a flikr account and you can find them here:

Sacramento music magazine SUBMERGE also had a photographer at the show and included shots from it with a review & short interview with Lob and Leticia Garcia (past player..sessions #611 & 619) by writer Stephanie Rodriguez.
This piece in Submerge can be seen here:

We opened this show with an audience participation percussion "Instacabra"..and then fell into a nearly 15 minute version of Sun Ra's "Space Is The Place" featuring Laurie Amat (of The Residents) on vocals.  It was an exceptional show with lots and lots of friends and players.  You can stream or download the entire show from our page at   here is the link... enjoy!! 
Instagon #623 - Feb.2,2013, Sacramento,CA - photo by Ed Goldthorpe

This is a first in a series of "catch up" posts that I am gonna make here in the Deamon's Tube..  I am hoping to be back to posting CURRENT happenings by the end of April ..beginning of May.  Thanks for reading.. and enjoy the links. -/\-

Friday, March 22, 2013

20 YEARS OV CHAOS .... continues..

so.. I thought I might take a crack at this blogging thing again.. I would love to perhaps see more feedback and comments on things.. if anyone out there is reading this and has anything to say.. that would be swell to hear..beyond that..'s 2013.. and so INSTAGON is now 20 years old.  For the 20th Anniversary there was a grand show in Sacramento at Marilyn's on K St.  also.. 2 new CD's were released that night "Instagon's Greatest Hits" and "Jazz for a Lesser Deamon".  Greatest Hits is a collection of other bands playing Instagon songs.  Both are available at

There is also a new monthly series of albums available at the bandcamp site called "a dozen paths to escape complete boredom" ..there will be a new album of 12 tracks released each month in 2013.. or at least that is the plan.
WELL.. now it seems like this entire post is merely about our bandcamp page.. because the next thing I wanted to mention is that we have started to add some older titles and back catalog to the bandcamp far Survivors ov Thee Psychick Conflickt, Electra 99, Space 1999, Live at True Love, Under Thee Influence ov Tablecore, and a few others have been posted so far.  Next on the list will be This Is Instagon

There are a few shows on the horizon.. they have been posted on the right for you to see.   Thank you for paying attention..  more sometime in the near future.. - Lob