Monday, October 27, 2014


Instagon played it's 666th show this past weekend in Oakland,CA.   Oakland was determined the best place for a show of this magnitude of evil and so Oakland is where it happened...surprisingly, the venue IN Oakland was totally heavenly and nothing even remotely evil.  The LIFE CHANGING MINISTRY is probably our newest favorite place to play.  It is awesome there and we look forward to arranging many more shows in the future.. at least we hope so!!     Joining us for this show was LIVER CANCER, DELETIST, & NUX VOMICA(SF).   Vankmen was scheduled to play but was ill and not able to attend.  The Instagon session consisted of two parts, it was sort of a hybrid...starting with a Mixer Set.. and then evolving into a Live Band.. players for the Mixer portion were Lob, Alan Herrick (Nux Vomica), Sandy Sleeper (Demon Sleeper),  & Marc Schneider (Medicine Cabinet)..this was Sandy's first Instagon session.. and the first one that Marc had played in since April of 2008 when he was part of the "Scary City" session.  The live band players included Brandon Ameilo (Tao Tariki) on drums, Stephen A. Elliott on keyboards, Chad E. Williams on guitar (playing his 99th Instagon!), AND flying in from Philadelphia,PA JUST for this show.. Keith "Krash" Adams on Saxophone.  This was Keith's first Instagon show since Norcal Noisefest 2004!!

It was an amazing band, and from my personal point.. I wish we could have played longer.  The entire session , with both parts came in at around 45 mins..  The set was only a few songs.. and looks like it was right out of 2002. 

Decent Into Thee Abyss>Invokation 666> Jazz for Satan, Space Walk, Thee Sickness, The Little Turtle

there is a dark video that was shot by Das of Big City Orchestra.  you can view there here:

A 6 track ep is now posted at our bandcamp page and available for download.  A limited edition CD is planned and hopefully will be out before the end of the year.

A limited edition POSTER for this show was printed , numbered , and signed by Lob.  There are only 25 that were made.. and there are a few that remain available.   make contact if interested.

Instagon 666 STICKERS are also available .. see the bandcamp MERCH page..

Tshirts, bandanas, and other things can be found here on our spreadshirt pag