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set list - session 538 - IN THE FLOW Sacramento Jazz Festival, Beatnik Studios, Sacramento, CA - 5-16-2010

May 16, 2010
Beatnik Studios
Sacramento, CA

Riddled with obstacles.. but once again Instagon appeared at this 3rd annual happening presented by Ross Hammond and the Greater Broadway Partnership called IN THE FLOW FESTIVAL. .. We were a late addition to this event, not on the original press release, but generously offered a morning spot on the 3rd day of the event, which we gladly accepted.  (thank you Ross!)..a Sunday morning..11am opening spot..   ( BROTHERS AND SISTERS.. please come in and sit your selves down and be ready for the morning revival of the daemonic chaos Sunday morning ritual and possession of the garage jazz virus..)  So .. as i was saying...riddled with obstacles.. we arrived on time....a little after 10am for an 11am set... there was no one at the venue yet to let us in.. .we waited.. finally around 10:25 we were let in and started to setup..  about 10:40 we realized we had no snare or cymbals for the drum kit.. this was fortunately taken care of quickly by there luckily being another drum kit on site being used for the Festival.   ..about bass was plugged in, and it did not work. ..we went frantic looking for a Phillips screwdriver to open the beast up.. and when we finally got inside, i had broken a connection wire.. an easy fix with a soldering iron .. something we did not have available.. a bass was borrowed from someone we are told was actually in Texas and did not know i was using his bass for chaosmagickjazzrituals.. so better not to tell him i suppose.. and after a quick visit by THE CAPTAIN we were off to feeling better about this whole thing and ready to pull some whoop-ass on the Sunday Morning easy vibe..
Joining us for this session were local favorites CHAD E. WILLIAMS, DEX LOPAZ, & D.RAY GRISHAM, who just tears up the wind with a trumpet in our mix.. Its great to be able to add that element to the shows lately...also playing horn, but Saxophone was our special guest of the morning RENT ROMUS (Lords of Outland) from San Franscisco!  Rend came to play.. and play he did.. just taking the stage by storm and playing a firey set for such an early morning time window!
It was a short set by normal show standards..but it was a LOT of fun and some really awesome grooves happened..  the "Deamon's Tube" from this set is nearly 11 minutes and just MOVES!!. 

this show is available for download for only $3
.. share it with a friend ...spread the virus..
<a href="">In The Flow by Instagon</a>

Beatnik Studios, Sacramento, CA

Invokation >
In The Flow,
Deamon's Tube,
Orgone Collector

LOB - lead bass
RENT ROMUS - saxophone
DEX LOPAZ - drums
D.RAY GRISHAM - trumpet

photos by Yvette Lucas
IN THE FLOW poster design by Lob

set list - session 537 - Body Tribe Fitness Parking Lot, Midtown Sacramento, CA - 2nd Saturday Art Walk- May 8, 2010 - Lob's Birthday!

May 8, 2010
Body Tribe Fitness Parking Lot

Midtown Sacramento, CA
(lob's birthday)

Every year Chip Conrad (Instagon Alumni!) owner of Body Tribe Fitness hosts an art showing turning the gym into a gallery for the monthly 2nd Saturday activities.. some art stays up all month...but most are for the single evenings event.  the show is simply titled  "THE BODY" and featured many amazing local 
Sacramento artists. I (Lob) had a digital photo art piece in the show.. sort of a self portrait called "The Grateful Knee"  that is the image you are looking at above.   It is a 2 layer print of this image hand done, and signed. It measures 11x14 and is framed. It did not sell the night if this show and is available...just simply ask if you are interested in this or seeing any more my art.  So, this year Chip's 2nd Saturday show event for "The Body" happened to fall on May 8th.. which is my birthday.  Instagon was asked to play the event, that it happened to be my birthday was merely a fantastic synchronicity.   As with years previously when the Deamon has played on my birthday, i usually invite a huge number of players.. some might consider it too many.. but i am personally all about the chaos and flow of a large number of musicians.. (i think that is my Sun Ra influence sneaking through again) so for this outing Instagon consisted of  2 DRUMMERS .(we sure did have fun with that in HB the previous week and well we had the room, so why not go there again), the drummers were 
MARK HALVERSON (Garage Jazz Architects) and DEX LOPAZ (Chikading!) 
both who have played a number of shows with the Deamon and who both had a GREAT time playing drums against each other..  there were also 3 GUITARS!  CHAD E. WILLIAMS (Garage Jazz Architects) of course came out.. and he was screamin' the leads and laying it down in the streets of Sac that night for sure.. DAVE STONE (ThouSands) also came to play.. he was tearing it up and having fun.. this was his 3rd time playing so far..  a new friend STEVE CROWELL is a 
 blues guitarist we met via Craigs List.. it was cool of him to come out and jam with no notice and no idea what he was getting into.. another new friend of the day was PATRICK CLAYPOOL playing an Electric Violin! 
Patrick found us via Facebook.. and he is the first one to come to play from that Frequency! It was gret to have him play and we look forward to more adventures with our new friends in the future.. rounding all of this out of course was the bass of the deamon rider. ..there was also a 4th guitarist that traded places with Dave Stone who came up in the middle of one of the sets.. his name was later told to be TYLER COOK.  We played 3 sets.. each longer than the previous one.. we started in the evening.. and played into the night.. it was my birthday.. it was special


Invokation >
Red Planet Landing >
My Little Red Planet,
Deamon's Tube,
orgone Collector,

Jazz for Satan
Set the Controls  (pink floyd riff)
Brainwashed Love,
Sunshine of your Love (cream riff)

the Flux,
Speed of Light,
Space walk,
Rock Lobster, (B-52'S riff)
Black Knight*  (Deep Purple riff, first time played)
Cambodian Holiday (Dead Kennedy's riff)
The Day You Were Born,
Shut Down (Germs riff)O
  (with Pink Panther tease)

LOB - bass/vocals
DAVID STONE - guitar
DEX LOPAZ - drums
PATRICK CLAYPOOL - electric violin
TYLER COOK- guitar

all photos by Yvette Lucas

set list - session 536 - Relax Bar, Los Angeles, CA - 5-1-2010

Instagon 536
May 1, 2010
Relax Bar
Los Angeles, CA
Sorry this has taken so long to post. I will be posting all set lists today to bring this blog up to date with the most current show

I would like to start off by saying that the Relax Bar in Los Angeles,CA, that is booked by Eddie Solis of IT'S CASUAL and SOUTHERN LORD RECORDS, and holds a "weakly" club there called "CLUB MYWAR" should be avoided at all costs by anyone looking to have a good night out and enjoy themselves.  Relax Bar is a TOILET of a venue, and i will never play there ever again without being given a blowjob and a thousand dollars in advance. If anyone ever claims to have had a good time at the Relax Bar in Los Angeles..they should be punched in the face and laughed at.  Its not possible, The place is a shithole that give completely new meaning and definition to the term.

2nd, i would like to apologize to my friends that did come to this show.. I had no idea that this space was going to be such a shithole, or i never would have invited you to be there.. i would have liked to have spent more time with you and be in a better mood...i appreciate every one of you that came out to see this show.. it was awesome to have some support and love from good friends.. even though it was in such a horrible place..and i was obviously not happy to be there.

The night before while in HB, we got a call from Sarah, the band Mom for "Poop" who informed me that RIkk Agnew would not be appearing at the show for May 1st.  Poop would indeed show and fulfill the obligation of the show that RIKK BOOKED!!  but that he would not be there... it seems that May 1st is Rikk's Daughter's bday.  WELL FUCK ME.. that would have been great for Rikk to remember when he booked the show with me for May 1st, back in March.  To say the least.. i was not very happy with this call.. nor am i very happy with Rikk Agnew at the moment.. flaking because you are drunk and stupid somewhere is one thing.. but booking a show on your daughters 19th birthday.. when you KNOW when it is.. and then bailing out at the last moment and having someone else have to make the phone call for you and clean up your mess.. is weak, without honor, and pure crap.
With that said..  we arrived early to find no one there who spoke much english, or anyone who was actually involved with the show that was booked. I was not happy right away upon arrival.. i had sent the venue a dozen posters for the show, the confirmed receiving them, but there was not ONE anywhere in the entire club...this was my first warning flag. We went next door (which is actually part of the venue) and had some very kind Thai food.  THAT was the best part of the adventure.   A band called DIE LAUGHING from Las Vegas was added to the show at the last minute and they played first.. they were a hardcore punk/metal band.. they did not fit the show at all..but they were great guys and cool to hang out and talk about the old school scene in Vegas (which i was happy to be a part of for short time). Shortly after they played we were told we would have to pay $10 to park our van behind the venue...this was the 2nd warning flag.. GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS were next.. we set up.. i got a beer..  it cost me $6!!  no breaks for the bands. ..Eddie, who booked the show .. STILL had not shown up..  this was becoming horrible.  GJA had a great set though.. and we were on and off the stage before anyone really even noticed.. Although a couple of ladies from Sacramento had driven down to see us.. that was nice.  L.A.DEATH DOLLS were next.. this is a side project from the guys in REBEL REBEL (a legendary LA Scene band) and they basically played Stooges and Y &T covers for 30 mins..  it was fun..   at this point POOP was scheduled to play.. but they had not arrived yet.. it was at this point that Eddie finally arrived to HIS SHOW.. at about 9:30pm 3 bands in already...which, as someone that books shows sometimes, to me said that he didnt really give a shit. .. so INSTAGON went next .  the line up finalized with DAN KAUFMAN (Mindrot, Eyes of Fire, Destroy Judas), & CARY PEALER (Punk as a Doornail) joining Chad & Lob in the Instagon ritual.. the set was really pretty good considering that they night had been really a joke..i bought another $6 beer.. so now with $50 for food.. $10 to park.. and $12 for beer.. i was out nearly $75 for this fucking show.. and guess what.. before we were even off the stage.. EDDIE LEFT!.. Not even a word goodbye.. or giving me any sorta understanding why the show was not promoted and no one had come to it....and not offering me ANY money.. when i brought 2 bands and traveled 400+ miles to be there.  We had spoke previously that there was an overhead involved for he door security.. but to leave without saying goodbye, sorry.. or anything is beyond the weakest involvement i have had with a club anywhere in over 10 years.  POOP closed the show to a room of consisting of me and 3 others.. because the venue had no sound man either, it sounded like shit and as too loud and drove anyone that was there back outside to hang out and not have their hearing damaged.  We left and drove to Riverside where the GARAGE JAZZ ARCHITECTS did some studio recordings the next afternoon trying to forget that we were ever at the Relax Bar, and that it even exists.

here is a video that was shot by Brian Taylor of Atavus of Instagon 536 performing "THE SICKNESS"

"Thee Sickness" INSTAGON session #536 from Atavus on Vimeo.
May 1, 2010
Relax Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Invokation >
Cambodian Holiday,  (Dead Kennedy's riff)
The Sickness,
Behind The Wall of Sleep > (Black Sabbath riff)
Jazz for Satan,
Six Pack, (Black Flag riff)
Sex Bomb, (Flipper riff)
Deamon's Tube

LOB - lead bass, vocals
DAN KAUFMAN - guitar

photos by Yvette Lucas

Sunday, May 09, 2010

setlist - session 535 - Blue Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA - 4-30-2010

Instagon #535
Blue Cafe
Huntington Beach, CA
Let me just start this blog off by saying straight up and off the top that INSTAGON LOVES THE BLUE CAFE!  Okay.. now that I have that off of my deamonic chest we can move forward.  This was our 2nd time at the Blue Cafe (1st time was session #500 last spring) and they welcomed us back with open arms.  The staff and crew at the Blue Cafe know how to have fun and we enjoy working with them completely.  This was the 2nd night of the mini-tour, and the first stop in So.Cal.
Back to the home turf and original stomping grounds of the deamon Instagon, Orange County, CA.  We drove the 400 miles south during the day only to in So.Cal in the midst of rush hour traffic on a Friday on the 405 Freeway!  It took nearly an hour to get thru LA and in to the OC.  But once we got there we were happy.. the weather was kind, we were early enough to relax awhile, and so all was good.  We checked into our room at the Ramada across from the venue and got ourselves ready for a night of chaos and deamon rock.  This show was to be the BEAST...the giant insane incarnation of Instagon that the OC knows and loves.
The Garage Jazz Architects started off the night with a great set, followed by a band called Good Citizen from Long Beach. They were put on this show by the Blue Cafe booking staff, and so we did not know them or what to expect...they were amazing and great fun...they closed with a Pogues song and we were all drinking and having a great time.  They were followed by the Gospel Swamp Blues Band..(our friends in HB who had shared the stage with us last year too) who tore up the stage with some hot blues and grooves.  I (Lob) even played a little harmonica with them for the song "Hey You" old blues standard.
Finally it was time for the Instagon BEAST to hit the stage. There were 12 players prepared, but in the end only 11 ended up playing.. and 10 of them at once time!
The invokation was lead in by Charles Ardinger, who was given the theme of
as the topic of the day.. the deamon creeped up behind him and we slowly brought the beast to bay.. and unleased into ORGONE COLLECTOR.. and then onward and Forward...  The players involved with this session included ROBERT FISHER 
& CHRIS McKINNEY from the Gospel Swamp Blues BandMARK & CHAD from the Garage Jazz Architects, local OC jazz guitarist SCOTT HUESTIS, long time friend of the deamon , YOD on guitar too.   JACK JOHNSON from the Taint played 2nd drums, and it was his first show since June 2004!   MARTIN ESCALENTE played Sax and it was his first time back since Sept. 2002!,  But the big stats to to JOHN PODDY from the punk band Smogtown..who hasnt played since March 1998 (the Instagon Tool & Appliance Orchestra) .. he joined us on Trumpet.  The show was ROARING.. it was large and chaos filled with creamy good grooves. We closed with a riff by the Damned.  The Blue Cafe still said they loved us and would have us back again.. and damn.. . we LOVE the Blue Cafe!

4 - 30 - 2010

Surfing with Charles,
Orgone Collector,
Deamon's Tube,
The Little Turtle,
Neat Neat Neat >  (riff by The Damned)
Shut Down (riff by The Germs)O

(set length 62:00)

photos by Yvette Lucas

there are more photos and videos available from this show at our FACEBOOK fan page.. look us up and LIKE us.

setlist - session 534 - 16th Street Cafe, Sacramento, CA - 4-29-2010

Instagon #534
16th Street Cafe
Sacramento, CA
This was the first night of our 3 day mini "tour" of shows with the Garage Jazz Architects and Instagon traveling together.  This was the local show launching the adventure. This was also our first time at 16th Street Cafe since it had been renamed. (it was formerly called Java Lounge, and the last time Instagon 
happened there was over a year ago) The Deamon was the closing act for a night of jazz... this was the JAZZ show of the 3 shows.. all were very different in style and structure.. but the chaos, as always was the same.. This outing featured the return of Michael Otwell playing Sax & Flute playing for the first time since July of last year.  Also recent offenders returning for more were D.Ray Grisham (trumpet), Drew Walker (drums), & Chad E. Williams (guitar).   This set had some truly amazing moments where the horns really hooked into some of the riffs and we just held on for the ride. The attendance was swell, the night was comfortable, and the jams were hot.
So hot we even got asked to play an encore!!

16th street cafe, Sacramento, CA

Evokation >
We Own This Corner
Brainwashed Love
Cambodian Holiday   (riff by Dead Kennedys)

E: Orgone Collector

D.Ray Grisham, Michael Otwell, Lob, Drew Walker, Chad E.Williams

phots by Yvette Lucas

Monday, May 03, 2010

setlist - session 533 - R5 Records In-Store appearance, Sacramento, CA - 4-24-2010

Instagon #533
April 24, 2010
Sacramento, CA
in-store appearance

Gosh it seems that this happened so long ago now, its nearly ancient history.. it was over 10 days ago now.. and well it was a really fun just seems like we forgot to post up this information and stuff. so here is the news.  This session featured local artist GREY CAT playing drums (he did the sculpture that is on the cover of the DEAMON ROCK cd), also returning for sophomore appearances was DAVID STONE (who played last month for Session #530) on guitar, and D. RAY GRISHAM playing Trumpet. (First time Danny played was in 2006!).  Great fun, lots of friends turned out. We did however forget to play "We Own This Corner", which SHOULD have happened, but for some odd reason did not.
April 24, 2010
R5 RECORDS, Sacramento, CA

Evokation >
The Flux
Deamon's Tube
The Little Turtle
Cambodian Holiday (riff by Dead Kennedys)
The Sickness

Lob - lead bass
DAVID STONE - guitar
GREY CAT - drums
D.RAY GRISHAM - trumpet

all photos by Yvette Lucas