Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 New Releases This Week!

Instagon has 2 new full length albums that have been released this week.. First is the newest collection in the on-going "A Dozen Paths To Escape Complete Boredom" series..  this one is volume 5.   It features almost all LIVE recordings done during the May 2013 sessions.  12 new cuts.   Featuring Lob working with JOHN KEELING,  JOEY CARUSI, BOT, CHAD E. WILLIAMS, STEPHEN A. ELLIOTT, TONY PASSARELL, VINNY GOLIA, & JACK CHANDLER.  This series is part of the 12x12in12 on-line community project that Instagon became part of for 2013.   There are 4 previous volumes to this series.. and still 7 more coming.  This month's collection can be found at bandcamp.

The 2nd release this week is a collection of recordings from 2007/2008 released on Placenta Recordings called "Thee Start ov Thee End".  The cover art is by Lob.   This is a CD ONLY release, available in a limited edition of only 75 copies, housed in a DVD size package.    Players on this release include Chad E. Williams, Susan Hunt, Eric Putnam, Dr. Oblivious, Tim White, Ryan Tomesello, Mike Daddona, Dex Lopaz, Andrew Wayne, Jim Smith, Leo The Butcher, Matthew Lewis, Mara Arrowood, IDX1274, Don Haugen, Morgan Jaeckel, Scott McGahan, Robert Fisher, Rent Romus, Phillip Everett, Nick Avdienko, and Pat Riley.   This collection contains both experimental "noise" / sound art cuts, as well as musical garage jazz recordings..a little bit of everything.   This collection also includes the entire "Funeral For a Droid" suite in it's entirety for the first time...previously only portions of this have been made available on compilations.   This CD is available exclusively from Placenta Recordings.

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